To review or not to review (when you know the experience was mutually disagreeable and the guest will surely leave a bad review in return) - POLL

This has been discussed before but…

There are two schools of thought on whether to proactively leave a bad guest a review even before they leave you one which you know will be a bad one.

The EllenNists say no, because leaving the guest a review first will provoke them to leave you one (@EllenN)

The Magwitchians Others say, it’s our duty to leave a review because future hosts can guard themselves against this guest. (@daniellealberta, @GutHend etc)

So forumites, come on let’s resolve this once and for all. May the fight begin:


(Inspiration drawn from the conversation on this thread - Bad guests feedback advice)

NB: This is not about the timing of the review.


It might be more accurate to say, may the fight resume.

What’s wrong with letting the “two schools” of thought keep within their own school districts.


Indeed, I thought we’d start on a clean slate, but you’re right…

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|I’m for Magwitch. Apart from anything, she makes me laugh when hosting feels a tad grim. But this isn’t/shouldn’t be about taking sides; in the day and age we live in currently, we need to both listen to, and be concerned about how people are feeling. It’s quite hard to hear this on line, but I think a lot of people here do make a very special effort to hear between the lines. And I can only say thank you.

OMG. I may have reignited the academic grammar discussion…


Ahh, I never said proactively leave a review! I said when you have a tricky review to give, leave it until the last minute so you don’t provoke the anticipated bad guest review. There’s a thread somewhere on the precise timing of this… help, someone.

edit @Astaire you are blatantly propagating False News! So sad. So very very sad.


Here’s one thread on the topic of timing your review:

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Sure, my question is not about the timing of the review. It’s about whether to leave a review at all that might provoke a guest review which will be inevitably a bad one.

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I see that it was @daniellealberta who first raised this point, corroborated by @GutHend’s comments on the deontology of it.

So I guess it’s EllenNists vs Albertans??

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Mea culpa, ad infernum est mihi :skull:

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Yeah, go down in flames with the Bannon you… you… bad person.

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You are correct that I don’t believe that hosts are obligated to review guests who annoy them, but incorrect about the reason. I’m not worried about reviews from guests. I have 330 positive reviews so I assume that any reasonable guest would assume that a negative review was the exception not the rule. I am much more attentive in reading the reviews that potential guests have left for other hosts than the reviews that hosts have left for them. The things that bother other hosts don’t bother me and vice versa. I don’t mind if guests shower at 3:00 A.M. as I’m a sound sleeper. I don’t mind if guests cook strongly scented food (especially if they share). I don’t mind if guests arrive early or stay late as long as they stay out of the guest room. I don’t mind if guests have friends visit them while they are here. What I mind like crazy is when guests don’t tell me and/or keep me updated on their arrival time. Hosts with self check-in don’t care about arrival time. Therefore many reviews that hosts leave just seem nitpicky to me. If I were a potential guest I would look at the reviews that hosts had left for other guests and avoid picky hosts. I’ve declined and even asked guests to cancel based on reviews they’ve left for other hosts, so I would also caution guests to not be too nitpicky when writing reviews.


Thanks for clarifying @EllenN.

So the core question remains:

Should a host always leave a review - even when they think it unnecessary, so as to allow other hosts know what their experience was?

In particular, when the review is going to be a bad one (mutually.)


Allow me to make a poll out of it. They are never a great success, but I will keep trying just because I love them, and in all their blurriness they have a clarity to them :rofl:.

Should a host always leave a review - even when they think unnecessary, so as to allow other hosts know what their experience was?
In particular, when the review is going to be a bad one (mutually.)

  • YES, hosts should always leave a review, to allow other hosts know what their experience was.
  • NO, hosts don’t have any obligations towards other hosts.

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Love your polls! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Guttie, I think your other great calling was a job at Gallup!


!! Clarity only comes with large numbers, you know that right? And even then it’s still murky waters for plundering.


OMG, there is some bad English in my poll and I can’t change it anymore.

@Magwitch, exactly the numbers are always the problem with my polls. I’m always hoping that thousands will participate, but it never happens :roll_eyes:.

What bad English??

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missing words and incorrect phrasing of questions.

I actually copied it from your message :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:.

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