How do you leave a review

You cut it very close indeed. Would you mind sharing the honest review for this guest?

I wont copy and paste what i wrote however, what I will say is that the guest was a nightmare

The guest and their plus 1 - presented themselves as two long friends that were meeting for a quiet meal and a chat.

However, this was all a lie as they’d planned a party and my place was the venue

They broke all my house rules and the noise got so rowdy that my neighbour called me in the middle of the night to complain.

When I called the guest, they denied everything, until I told them about my neighbours call :joy: :joy:

Oh and the guest damaged my toilet too

The guest has denied all wrong doing to airbnb… luckily I have photos and audio evidence that backs up my claim

In a way, I am glad that I went through this experience, because it taught me a lesson about humans. You cannot trust anyone. People wear masks to hide who they really are, so never take anyone at face value.

Also, if you have a young person books your property for either Friday or Saturday night only = red flag

Security cameras and probing pre-booking questions are a must

The review i wrote stated the truth but it was constructive and sandwiched it with good points too

What kind of audio evidence?