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How do I remove these guest from my house?



Congratulations! Going forward, do you have all your paperwork in order, short term rental certificate from Riverside County, etc.? I found the rules at http://rctlma.org/shorttermrentals with application, tax, and all. Hope this never ever happens again, but then you can at least wave your county certificate at the police and tell them you have a government permit to run a short term stay business. Also refrain from using long term rental landlord forms, such as the Notice to Quit, in order to minimize confusion.


thank you for reminding ! I didn’t know there is such a thing , I must get this to void the fine, sometimes city can charge you violation like $100 per day,. I will look into it


I am in riverside county and the permit was $200 the first year $100 a year after that. Now I collect tax for the county. If I ever had a situation where a guest was trying to say they were a tenant I would be able to show the police I am registered the same as a hotel.

Are you in the city of Riverside? Or Riverside county?



I am in riverside county, I wonder for this tax they charge 10% ,so do I still pay tax to IRS? are we getting double-taxed?


It’s a sales tax or hotel/motel tax. It is paid by the guest, not you. You just collect it and pass it on to the county. You need to disclose the tax in your listing, and when the guest books you need to send them an AirBnB message telling them the amount of the tax.

If you are lucky the county has an agreement with AirBnB so they can collect it for you. If not, you will need to collect in on arrival or you need to send them a payment request via AirBnB. If you have state sales tax in California you may have to charge and collect that also.


There is no agreement with riverside county and Air will not collect on our behalf.



I’m happy they are out of your house. Now, whatever you do, don’t let them back in!

Make sure your other guest knows not to let them in. Don’t let them bully you. The thing about “taking your house” was just her angry words, trying to push your buttons.

The next thing you should do is call Airbnb and tell them exactly what happened, including the violence and drugs. They need to delete their profile before they victimize another host. If you know any other Airbnb hosts in your area, give them a warning.


Correct, there are several different types of taxes you may have to collect, and that you have to pay.

  1. Lodging tax to the local government, same as or similar to what hotels have to collect from their guests and pay to local government.
  2. State sales tax. Check state rules on that. Again, similar to what hotels have to collect from their guests and pay on the sale of the rental space to the guests, if applicable.
  3. Any other business taxes that your locality imposes. For example, I have to pay tax on business personal property. About the only thing that applies to for me is the fancy washer/dryer combo I bought for my Airbnb suite.
  4. Your income tax as a host, on the revenues minus expenses that you bring in for yourself. (Technically, the lodging and sales tax should not be included as your income, and not subtracted as expenses either. You’re sort of acting as an agent, or pass-through, for the government. Any business personal property tax is an expense that can be deducted. There are also a lot of rules on what you can deduct of your utilities, real estate property tax, maintenance, etc. based on how much you use the space personally and how much it is rented out. Check the IRS website and Internet for guidance.)
    Because the police have threatened you, and they or your squatters could report you to the county for running an unlicensed short term stay business, I would get legit sooner rather than later if I were you.


Go to your local bar


I wonder what happened?


Updates: Just noticed my mail is on Hold since 2/6 to 2/28 , someone is trying to hold the mail in the post office so they can pick it up in the office.

I believe she is trying to do this so she can get her mail from my address as proof of residence for the lawsuit

Will go USPS office to find out if my mail is already picked up by her, and cancel this on hold request.


At my post office I have to show ID to pick up mail.


in here its full of security vulnerability, last time my friend when to the office and was able to pick up my mail without ID


For some reason I’m not surprised.


I’m guessing you didn’t take my previous advice about contacting your Post Master then…now you are still in reactive mode from these users.


Say you had a previous lodger who was not a resident, who appears to have stolen your identity to place a mail hold, and whom you suspect may be engaged in criminal activity via mail. That’ll get their attention at the post office. Sort out any items addressed to them and leave them at the post office.


Actually I did go USPS office said that, the officer said they will make a note to carrier but might not going to work


My apologies then. But great for you so now they at least know about your issues and some of the history.


Is there any reason why you can’t enter a change of address for yourself only and rent a new mailbox at a mailbox place of business, like Postal Plus? You’ll have to pay for a new box there, but it would likely be worth it. Then the Post Office can continue to hold her mail, same as if her mail address was her name at General Delivery, which anyone can do, but yours will be safe and secure at the new address.


What lawsuit?

Just because someone says “I’m going to sue you!” Doesn’t mean that actually can. How would she pay for a lawyer?

Have they actually started a lawsuit or is it just talk?

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