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How do I remove these guest from my house?



@TheBlue get them out. You’re not responsible for anything that might happen to them after they TRESSPASSED. THEY CANT SUE YOU IF THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE. You’re not their landlord. Stop digging yourself deeper. GET THEM OUT JUST LISTEN TO EVERYONE IN THIS FORUM!!! My blood pressure is rising from your responses.


How does someone manage this?


I think it’s much harder than people expect. There is an Airbnb host in my area who is trying to do this and not having much luck.

She lives abroad and tries to run the Airbnb from many time zones away. Based on the reviews, it’s not going well. All sorts of problems from a kitchen without plates, to un-mown lawns, to exploding toilets, leaks, mildew etc et.

She replies to every negative review, blaming the “housekeeper.”

The only way to make it work, IMO, would be with an experienced and proactive co-host. This would cost money, though.


There are several remote hosts on this site. Perhaps they will chime in. I remote host but the property is only a 4 hour drive away; not a different country or different time zone


I’m sure it’s doable if you are familiar with the area where you are hosting and have established relationships with realiable cleaners, handymen, etc…

The host from my area that I was talking about seems to live in another country and bought the place as an investment.

If all the host cares about is finding the cheapest cleaner around, it’s not reasonable to expect her to also function as a co-host.


Ups! Yes, it all depends what CA laws are regarding landlord-tenants. In my state for example one would have to go through the process of eviction which is lengthy and not pleasant for both parties but also you can’t kick your tenant out if he/she are sick. If they claim they have mental issues that would be sickness too, so you can’t kick them out, so this is a very sticky situation. I’d say consult a lawyer. You see, I was a regular landlord before and I evicted someone before for non-payment. That is why I don’t rent long term because under PA law if a person stays longer than 28 days you will have to evict them the old fashion way if they don;t pay.


I apologize my post wasn’t clear. I was trying to disqualify my type of hosting by explaining I was only 4 hours away.

There are posters on this forum who host internationally.


We live in the US but our property is in St Lucia in the Caribbean. When we bought the house it already had staff to help out. Our property manager/housekeeper works full time for us and protects our house as if it is her house. We would not succeed without someone as dedicated as that.

A cleaner is not the same as a property manager. If you host remotely, you need both (or a cleaner that does a LOT more than just clean between guests).


Update: just got lock password changed, and set up more camera, locked every window, print out the document ready to show to the cops if they call, however while moving her stuff, I found controlled substance in her belonging , how to I safety handle these durgs? if she claim one pill is missing ,am I going to get FBI and DEA involved?


Prescription controlled substance? Don’t touch bottle. Pick up with plastic bag and place with her stuff.

Illegal controlled substance? She won’t say a thing about it to cops.

Place everything outside immediately.


So she is gone? Yay!
Good luck keep us posted



she come to my house and discovered this ,I called for police ,police let them go ,and told them they are allowed to sue me later on.

police is very upset about what I did and warning me that I cant do this again, police also said I am not allowed to turn my house into a hotel and will call the city to shut me down.

she said she is going to take my house away, I will be down


I don’t know, but at least in my country the police shouldn’t be upset and warn you about something they have nothing to do with. I would even file a complaint against the police for not helping me get rid of trespassers. This is really the world upside down.

Anyway, so you got them and all their things finally totally out of your place? Well done! Congratulations! I hope you learned from it and will never repeat anything of the sort.


I feel a bit relieved because they are not physically in my house anymore ,but I do know I might into a liability issue now …


The police are greatly overstepping their perceived authority by giving legal advice and doling out barely disguised threats.

Congrats on finally getting rid of them.


You win. She is gone, she does not have the money to hire a lawyer to sue you and any decent lawyer will not take the case because she was not a tenant

I am an hour away from you and its raining like hell, yet I feel 0 sympathy for the squatters. You dodged the bullet here I am proud of you for doing what you had to do. Next time there will be no next time because you are stronger now.



Thank you for your support, thanks for everyone here to help me

I still feel I bit nervous I know I did everything follow the law and she is not a tenant.

its just to much to lose, If I lose my house ,that is everything I have got ,I might just suicide. cant stop from thinking that.

since the police asked to shut it down ,and I feel I really need sometime to get enough energy to host again ,I am thinking to remove my house from listing ,sell it away, buy a smaller condo for myself and invest rest of my money elsewhere, the lendingclub maybe?


You won, let it go. Take a break. breathe.



Sorry Ross, but I believe everything she says. I have had it happen as a landlord, and with air. And there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

When they are living in your place and not pay ing, there has got to be a way. But the others are quite right. Be annoying. Too bad the electricity failed. Or you sliced open a durian


It’s one hell of a shock. Especially in your own home. But as some one who has been there, I see flags go up when I see the S word. First and foremost you need to take care of of you. And you take all the time you need. Just stick with us, and you may see the more pleasant aspects.


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