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How do I remove these guest from my house?



What country is this happening in? In the USA, tampering with the mail (for example, taking something from a person’s mailbox) is a FELONY. If you report that someone took your mail from the actual post office, that is also a felony.


Updates: Just returned from USPS office ,I believed some of the mail is picked up by her, because the office only get a little mail which is unusual ,I should get more mails for this period of time.

the old lady in the office promised they will no longer be able to pick up mail from my address, however they do not have a record about what mail has been picked up.

I dont know what mail I have lost, and if they are able to get the mail in their name under my address. it means they will have the proof of residence.

by the book , steal the mail is illegal, however its under her name she was only using my address illegal, and she looks too cute and harmless to people, and I assume her English is better then me and more lovely , definitely the post office did not be on guard , just like the police was never on my side.

the old lady in the office was not a supervisor, and the supervisor was not in USPS , I wonder if she will still able to pick up her mail if the supervisor give her a exception

already reported to U.S. Postal Inspection Service , but I dont think it will do anything, they said they will not contract me unless they need more information


its very hard to say, the date where the mail was sent, she was still in the house, and she still have a “agreement” showing her stay just ended in Feb 9(even they actually removed earlier then that, but USPS wouldn’t know ), plus its her name. so I assume that is why they don’t think its a crime


Hopefully she did not get any of your mail. She does not have the resources to sue you and no good lawyer will take the case as she was a trespasser not a guest. I am so glad you got her out.



I think she did, because its not possible that I don’t have any mails at all during 2/6 to 2/11.

for the lawsuit, I don’t know ,I must be ready to face it anyways, low income person always get free legal aids, even free when file something in the court.


Only when they have a case, which she does not.



Contact all your banks and credit card companies, say your lodger committed identity theft at the post office and stole your mail, got your statements, and your account is at risk of theft. Monitor your credit card statements and bank for unauthorized charges.If you have online accounts for bank, credit card, etc., go in and change your passwords immediately so that she doesn’t move money in your name. Did you have a computer accessible in the house or any way she could have found any of your IDs and passwords? Also you should download free credit reports. You are entitled to a free credit report every 12 months from each of the three major consumer reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). You can request a copy from AnnualCreditReport.com at website or by calling (877) 322-8228. Get one report from one of the three companies every 4 months so they are all free and so that you can check if she has taken out loans or opened new credit card accounts in your name. Write a letter to Megan J. Brennan, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer, 475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW
Room 4012, Washington, DC 20260-2200. Dear Postmaster General: Post Office Number ______ at [address] allowed my lodger, [name], to put a hold on my mail from 2019-02-11 18:12:48 and pick it up without verifying her ID. She stole my mail, including financial statements. I don’t understand why she was allowed to do this without providing proper identification. I am very concerned she intends to commit further identity theft using my financial and credit accounts. I reported this to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, but I remain worried that my Post Office would allow this. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, [signature].
This should help accelerate your case.
Finally, you are welcome for all our help here, but please take some assertiveness training or something. I was happy to spend a small amount of time assisting but you take over now, you can do it.


thank you ,didn’t know about the Postmaster General thing, will do


Just a suggestion, because it happened to me when mail was stolen from my mailbox on the street. Only I had no idea my mail was even missing. It wasn’t until I got a credit card bill from a company I did not have a credit card with, that I put 2 and 2 together. What happened was an unsolicited pre-approved credit card arrived in the mail, and that mail was stolen before I got home. This was years ago, before credit card companies stopped this practice. So, the thief promptly established an identity as me and attempted to get away with me paying the first bill. It was resolved very easily, but it was scary. My point here is maybe check whatever junk mail comes in for a while. It could be something there is not junk, but a bill in your name for merchandise you did not buy.


Update: USPS give me a call saying they will still let her pick up her mail as she was living in this address before, and they have rights to put their mail on hold for maximum of 10 days to change address of pick up the mail on the office . my mail will be no longer on hold and will forward to my mailbox.

anyways ,she is going to get that proof of residents as she got her mail under my address


You needed to tell them she never lived there…



This story is unbelievable. As in, I don’t believe it.


I think she showed that agreement and that was why…


In our small town as long as you show your address you can pick it up. Thankfully as I work longer hours than hubby. Also they know who we are


How do you show your address if not in your driver license?


Sometimes things like voter registration cards or utility bills are used. But the point I was making is that you can’t just say “I’m here to pick up Leroy Johnson’s mail” and walk out with it and any postal employee that does that should be disciplined.

If that’s the way it worked anyone could re-route and collect anyone else’s mail.

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