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How do I remove these guest from my house?



It should be from Jan.11, because its different stay , different payment and different method of booking


Yes-change locks when they leave.

I know people who would do the following:

  1. If those are the only copies of those documents, the documents would disappear.
  2. A Verbal contract ends when the conversation ends.
  3. Call police because they are trespassing & their behavior is creating an hostile environment for others including you. If you think they are doing or selling illegal drugs report that to the police too.

Because the police have already seen documentation this may not work.

Do you have any big rough looking relatives who can stand behind you when you politely ask the guests to pack & leave?

This conduct isn’t ethical. The guest’s conduct is far from ethical. I am not recommending this but I could understand doing what is needed to get them out.

By the way—if no IDs they can’t prove they are the people who signed the agreements, so the agreements don’t apply to them.


Lock them out when they leave. I would throw there stuff in a dumpster a mile away.



I wonder if you could use the IDs as a bargaining chip. They don’t get them until they leave. Make sure you are the one who controls the mail.

BTW, why didn’t they have IDs before?


she said they are from other state and just getting CA ID and her old ID is broken,and the bank locked her account so she is unable to withdrawal any cash at all , but I do see from review she is been to different AirBnB stay for at least two month ,all targeting Chinese host


I doubt there is any money in her bank account to withdraw!

Once you get them out, you need to report them to Airbnb. Let them know the guests turned into squatters, and about the violence and other problems.

Air should remove them from the platform so they can’t keep doing this to hosts.

They sound like grifters.


Speak with the Post Master and let him/her know that you do NOT want mail for these people delivered to your house. They will need to go to the Post Office to pick it up and then you can lock them out of your house. Also, discuss the federal mail fraud they are committing by using your address unlawfully. Perhaps you can get legal assistance that way.


I wouldn’t wait until they leave. I would contact Airbnb (I know this is not really their problem because you let them back in a week after they left but) they did meet you and find you and your house via Airbnb and they might not want to have their name negatively associated with more negative press. They MAY give you advice or at lesat find somewhere else for them to stay via their platform (although I pray for the next Host/potential victim).


Updates: I just got her caught on camera trespassing to the garage(but not sure what for) and stealing food in freezer at kitchen , my guest says she apologize and admitted to him , however I am still not sure how will this help to move her out


I hope you are right but it’s not sure, depending on area, they may have rights.

Not so easy to get people out you can’t just hire a bouncer and kick them onto the street.

I hope this person gets a solution but seems to me the renters found their target were totally aware of their rights and took advantage of their situation. Maybe were scoping out airbnb hosts for the most vulnerable one. Seems like maybe that’s what they did and they succeeeded.


Hire a lawyer and send a registered letter to Airbnb.
And to the renters.
I think you are facing people who know what they are doing if you get off for 1500 dollars as you were saying, you should be happy.
Sounds like these people know very well their rights and are exploiting the kind heart of an airbnb owner that they scoped out in the full knowledge of pulling this scam.
Get a lawyer, now.

In my country if a person rents for more than 3 months he his a legal tenant and gets full protection of the law I can’t get him out, for example even if the judge decides he needs to leave, during “heating months” from october to march I can’t kick them out!

Also if a person goes to the town hall and declares his residence in my adress, I am not consulted, but he becomes a resident I can’t get him out.

So sorry this happened to you and I hope all will work out please keep us posted!

Bottom line is if you didn’t have a written agreement with these people you are in trouble and they found their target they know what they are doing unfortunately it is possible they have trapped you.


Its not an Airbnb booking. They were gone a week and came back.



yeah thats the problem there is no lease no agreement etc these people seem to know what they are doing they targeted this nice person

the original contact was airbnb perhaps something can come of sending a letter to them


Same situation in your state. This couple’s whole goal is to make it to 30 days. Change the locks as soon as they leave and put their belongings on the lawn. Even if they call the cops, they will probably be told to take it to small claims court, which they would never bother with.


I had a different situation with a month-to-month tenancy in Big Bear. My tenant was a professional non-payer, after coming in with big smiles and assurances that he was so excited to find such a nice place, and on and on. Finally, after 2 months arrears we had a conversation, and he moaned and groaned about being on disability with no where to go. I told him I would start the eviction proceedings that day, or I would forgive the 2 months rent and give him a cashier’s check for $400 to vacate and be gone in 3 days. What would he prefer? He thought for a few moments and then said he though he could go to a friend’s. I returned with a cashier’s check, He was gone in 3 days. His sense of entitlement to poach in my place was utterly amazing, no morality there, but money spoke his language and he left.


Update: She said she might not be able to get out by 9th,depending on when will her ID come ,and she will go as soon as she got her ID, but she is always saying she is very thankful to my help, she says that she never had problem before( like eviction record) and she is on her medicine ,promised zero problem will happen at all , she is also willing to show me some proof that this ID thing does exist , but I didn’t want to look at it

I am still not sure if they are trying to get above 30 days or just really need the ID to unlock the money to go… if I wait I might be able to save $1000’s of lawyer fee and not need to make the whole thing un-nice… anyways I am currently waiting for my appointment for half hour consultation at Feb 5

since they live in a corner not a real room, I am not worrying about lose the rent, only thing is to lose the power and water cost, and my lawyer fee will be easy to cover them stay for half a year, so I am still bet they will just go…

the biggest concern is to rent a corner in living room may not be legal, if they want to get rich they might trying to use this reason(like injury b.cc it not a real bedroom) to sue me for huge money…


anyways, the guy is not so nice, and usually hide behind her I dont get much chance to talk to him , and the girl always being very polite and saying she is thankful (but refuse to leave), yet always lie(she only start the discrimination part when I saying she needs to go, but not when I ask nicely ) , I cant tell which one is lie which one is not…


Did you take it to the police?


I love your comment about hiring goons. How does one go about finding them? I like the idea.


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