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How do I remove these guest from my house?



It was meant to prove I got a laptop as guaranty ,I should have not to write about the reason… I wrote 2/9/2019 was just because that is the market price , I didn’t even expect she would stay that long … and I was just wanted to help them


These people are not your problem, unless you make them your problem. Your notice gave them 3 days a week ago. GET THEM OUT. Push them out the door if you have to, do not let the police bully you if they call.



That’s what I would have done before I saw those papers.

Can she still do that?


I would not physically touch them but take away all the reasons that they want to stay like water, power, internet, light, heat, privacy.


These texting were happened in about 01/20 to 01/28, they were having problem to each other and having problem with my other AirBnB Guest. but not anymore because they notice I am trying to move them out,



I would not have allowed this to happen in the first place, lots of mistakes made here. I am sorry if I am coming off as harsh to the OP but it seems her mistakes are compounding the issue. These people are not tenants, but they will be. They had ID sent to house? I would have run it through the shredder.



I know everyone is telling me about I need an attorney , but I really not know what is the best decision , the other option might work is to wait them to leave( as she always saying she will go on 9th, just waiting for her ID card but she lied many times ), or I can even pay them to leave, even at cost of $1k will still cheaper then attorney … even I get a lawyer maybe he dont care about work on my side , he might intended to make it more complex so he can keep charge per hour, I never heard anyone trust their lawyer…

there are so many unpredictable parts , I dont know what to do…


JUST GET THEM OUT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE !!! Shut everything off. Remove food and water from the premise. Get help from an impressive looking friend or family member. Pack their things, move them out, once they leave the house close the door and lock it.



DO NOT LET THEM GET MAIL IT WILL PROVE THEY LIVE THERE. Throw out anything that comes for them.



The issue is if they don’t leave on February 8th, as promised, you can’t just kick them out. You will have to go through a formal eviction process, which in California can be long and expensive.

February 8th is beyond the 30 day period.

Less than 30 days, the law does not consider them as tenants.

They don’t sound trustworthy. Why would you trust that they will really live on Feb. 8th? So far they havne’t kept their promises!


Last time I called for police, police come was going to move them out until they see that agreement with word “rent” on it, for safety concern, the officer was just to recommend me to get a gun as "people are always messing around ", and I also said her boyfriend is doing something bad to her, and show the police the texting I have got, but the officer said if she did not call for us they dont care ,I said its possible to be the Stockholm syndrome as she said she have mental issue and taking drugs , but the officer never heard of it and dismiss the duty


I would like to lock them up if I can , maybe I should just get a half hour constitution to some lawyer to confirm I can do this before I take action?


I would like to do this if I can , maybe I should just get a half hour constitution to some lawyer to confirm I can do this before I take action?

I asked a lawyer and they got me a appointment on Feb.5 for half hour


Do they ever leave the house?

If so, lock the door behind them and don’t let them back in. Pack their belonging up and put them out the window.

It sounds like the police are not going to help you in a timely way. It’s ridiculous they suggested you get a gun!!

The screenshots of the texts are confusing. Are Austin and Shannon the people you are trying to get rid of?


Exactly how many days have they stayed there?


Yes, the Austin and Shannon, and the agreement only Shannon on it.

in texting, there are Austin explaining why he hurt her (because she has a knife or something)

and another text(different date ) telling me he is having problem with Guest 2 and threatening to hurt him if Guest 2 taunt him or her

there is a message from Guest 1 saying Austin is abusing Shannon,

its like Austin are being violence, and Shannon always saying is all her fault.

for moving them out ,I believe they both don’t want to go


they have first come in via AirBnB by Jan 2~4, and leave and comeback again seeking for stay since Jan.11


yes they do leave the house, the girl was also asking me to help print her resume . she is looking for work


And I believe they made a change of address to my house since Jan.18


Of course they don’t want to go. They are staying for free! Once they hit the 30 days mark, they know they can stay even longer for free.

Potentially for months! Once they become official tenants, you can’t just kick them out. You can’t even turn off the wi-fi or do other things to make their stay unpleasant.

The most important thing to know if when is the exact date they become tenants?

Does the 30 days period start from when they first checked in? Or from the date they returned?

If it starts from the date they first checked in, then you already have a HUGE problem. If it’s from the date they came back, then you still have a few days…

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