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How do I remove these guest from my house?



A private security company? Expensive, but they would be professional.

Craigslist…cheaper, but who knows what kind of person would show up.


Updates: I am still waiting until Monday to talk to a lawyer.

it just come up my mind: I am the home owner and this house is also my primary residence, so she is just my roommate, will this change anything on the eviction process?


She is not your roommate, she is trespassing. Good luck with the lawyer tomorrow.



You are dealing with a scammer, potentially a dangerous one. Call the police.



She is not your roommate. She is definitely not a tenant. She is a former paying guest, who is now trespassing.

Google “defrauding an innkeeper.”


Yes, then print it out and take with you to the lawyer tomorrow, don’t let the lawyer BS you into paying for an eviction. Lawyers love to drum up business. I would not waste my time or money with the lawyer I would have new locks ready to install, the minute they leave next time change locks and load up their stuff and throw away at a dumpster a mile away. I would take it a step further even, set up a camera outside that notifies me via text when someone is there and when they show up call the police and tell them someone is trying to break in your house. Do not come home until police leave.



got it, will put it into the list of questions for the lawyer


I will add that I am very uncomfortable with what you are describing. If I may, I would suggest regular visits from big and burly surly types that fart a lot and sleep on the couch to country and Western music. Or Beethoven. Ode To Joy has a certain appeal 5 times in a row.

Seriously you need people around. And music really gets on people’s nerves.


It sounds like you shouldn’t be renting or Airbnb your property. Your obviously a soft touch and this will happen again.
You should never have let them back in. They have taken your kindness for weakness.


I’d go with an air-horn…
every 15min or so


@TheBlue Pay a good attorney and get these people out; thus far you have been your worst enemy so stop digging yourself into a deeper hole. $1500 is peanuts compared to your potential liability. By the way, and I don’t mean it in a rude way, there are easier ways to make $10 a day without creating such chaos in your life. Do what needs to be done now!


I’m an apartment owner in Los Angeles. Given California’s pro tenant laws, you need an eviction attorney. If the person has been there more than 28 days, she has created a tenancy. If you agreed on a rental amount (hopefully in writing) and she is not paying it, disabled or not, the eviction should be a slam dunk, but you do need an attorney. Call Patti Widget at Fast Evictions or Dennis Block. Both work in your area. good luck.


Isn’t anybody else worried about the ID story? Since they are having IDs sent to your house, they probably will have your address as their address on the ID. Do not let them get the IDs. If possible, get a lockable mailbox, so they can’t t get their hands on the IDs when they arrive. Return IDs to sender asap, stating nobody of this name lives there! Get them out as fast as possible or you will have a never-ending drama.


These people want to hit that 28 day mark. They sound like lowlives or junkies looking for a freebee. And it can get very ugly.

You need to check with the laws of removing a guest under the relevant In keepers act immediately. That’s one phone call. It is not the same laws as tenancy. Where I sit it’s immediate. It also takes nerves of steel and you should have someone else there. But I am quite good at it now.

There has got to be a consideration for non paying guests as an innkeeper. They are not tenants and they have not paid. They are trespassers.

But a cop or three, a few burly friends, or the local Choice chapter may provide the required motivation. They really don’t want these people around. And believe me you want to make them uncomfortable. In every way possible.

Everybody runs this risk, so don’t get angry at yourself. Remember what worked, because in all probability it can and will happen again. This time you will be ready.


@TheBLue Or install a few smoke alarms, put something in your ears and light a cigarette. And of course be ready to lock the door behind them. All this best executed with a few strong friends.

To be honest, I don’t understand why you’re not more proactive. The shit is drifting your way and your even opening your mouth to savor it.


This story is getting more and more unbelievable. Does anybody other than me begin to suspect this may be a scam designed to deter ordinary people from hosting, lest this happen to them? :frowning:


At this point all a lawyer can do is tell you how the 30 day (28?) day rule works in your state and explain your rights and the “what-ifs.”

They are not going to go to your house and get the people out. It doesn’t sound like the police will help you with that either.

You should be spending most of your mental energy planning how you will get their bodies out of your house before they establish tenancy.

You have to figure this out within the next day or so. They need to be outside, then you lock all the doors and windows. Worry about their belongings later.

Do you have any ideas about how you will remove them from the property?


She is not going to boot them out, she will go to the lawyer today and be told to hire said lawyer to evict them. She has had weeks to be proactive and yet nothing. It’s going to get ugly, these people KNOW what they are doing and are conning the OP . Just need my ID… Ya right, to show the police and prove they live there.



Before 30 days expire, all you need to do is give them a written notice of trespass.

It can be very simple:

To: Free Loader
From: Owner
This is an official notice that you have been trespassing on my property since January 11, and your trespass must cease immediately. You and all your personal property must be off the premises by 6 pm today. If you do not leave by that time, you will be charged with criminal trespass and the police will be called.

Signed, owner


The police can do nothing, they have to obey the rules of process.
As I suggested in a PM, rent them a place in a hostel or the cheapest hotel you can find… but it is far too late for that now.
People that are homeless are desperate, now that you have decided to get a lawyer involved, I’m quite sure that will cost you more that putting them up somewhere.
In most developed countries renters (mentally ill or drug fueled) have more rights than the property owner & they know ALL the rules inside and out, all advice given on this forum has suggested that you get them out asap, I’m quite sure they have done this before and are not intimidated by you.

I would be more concerned with my personal safety & the safety of my sane paying guests.
Perhaps you should consider a security company, and bear spray at the bedside.

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