How do I get msg across that it's a private room only

My space is for a private room in my home that has aini fridge, microwave, plates, cups, bowls, and utensils. My amenities list does not include laundry or kitchen access. But for the second time I’ve had a young guest just use my laundry and stove without asking. It’s so awkward to walk in to see this snv and it’s not enough to cancel the reservation or anything. My listing is very clear. Does anyone have suggestions?

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Don’t you communicate with guests when they arrive, show them around and which areas they have access to?

I also have a private room homeshare, but my guests have full kitchen use. I’ve never had a guest confused about the areas that are open to them, nor use or even ask about using my washing machine.


WHERE in your listing description does it specifically say NO LAUNDRY FACILITY and NO KITCHEN ACCESS? Is it on the first page that a potential guest reads? If not, why not.


I wonder how many guests actually read through the amenities list. I had a guest, who was a host herself, ask me after she arrived whether she could use my kitchen (yes, it’s checked off on the amenities, also mentioned in the listing text) and whether there was a hair dryer (not checked off on the amenties list).

She was otherwise a fine guest, but she obviously hadn’t paid attention to the amenities listed.


You have posted several times about having a private room and being uncomfortable when guests are in other parts of the house. You can reword things, you can put signs up in your house, etc. You can confront them. Walk in and say “the kitchen and laundry is off limits to guests, please stay in your room except when entering and leaving the home.”

However, you can’t control other people. What you need is either a separate entrance for guests or you need to put a lockable door in front of the entry to the kitchen or laundry room. I don’t know the layout of your home but think carefully about how you can do a modest remodel so that you can relax and enjoy your home again.

You can review previous suggestions at these links:


Possibilities include:

o Definitely say to your guests you find in a private space something like ’ Oh, I’m sorry, the laundry room is not a shared space. Do you need to know the address of the nearest laundromat?’ Or, I’m so sorry the kitchen is not a shared space. I like DoorDash here or there’s a cafe I love just three minutes from here – would you like me to give you directions? [Edit appropriately.]

o Consider getting Etsy decals that say ‘private’ if there’s a door(s) to these rooms.

o Consider saying something in your pre-check-in message, like:
– Please remember that the laundry and kitchen are private, not shared spaces. You’ll find locations for laundromats, coffee places and cafes in my guidebook [you can use a short code for that]

o Consider getting one of those clickers for dog training.

You can wear it around your wrist and when the guest makes an error, just click and point the way out. If you take this approach don’t say anything. Just click and point. [You might need to stomp your feet a bit and click again if they they don’t move quick enough. With this approach never make eye contact, either look where you want them to go or stare at their forehead when communicating with them.]

And then they will fear you.

Do you live in an open-carry state [U.S.]? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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a sign saying “private - not for guest use” and a locked door to the laundry room.


Right? It’s getting back to basics day!


Given that the OP has made multiple posts over several years with the same issue, I’m pretty sure it’s not a matter of putting up a sign or locking a door.


Sounds like your listing is not as clear as you think it is. I’ve attached a pic of the first thing guests see when they open my listing. I don’t have W/D listed in amenities and since I removed it (I did offer it early on and it was abused) I’ve not had one person even try to use it.

If I get a booking from a new-to-Airbnb guest I reply confirming that they’ve read house rules and understand it’s a private room/bath, no kitchen use and my living area is not shared. And that I have four dogs living here.

In the last 4 years I’ve only had one guest who missed the kitchen rule and baked cookies. After complaining what a hard time she had trying to find my cookie sheet. We had a chat and she was marked down for house rules.

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As soon as they book (or --if not on instant book – before accepting a request) send them a note that says “I just want to confirm that you understand that blah, blah blah, and that that this arrangement will meet your needs.”

Our guest suite does not have a separate living room – a large bed-sitting room with fireplace and piano and couch and big-screen TV also has a queen bed and serves both as bedroom and as main living space. In the early years we occasionally had a disappointed guest who did not read the explicitly clear description or look at the photos & captions, and that confusion stopped when we started doing what is suggested above.