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How can I see star ratings for guests?

When I do reviews for guests I am asked to rate them in three areas with star ratings, but where do these show up? I do not see any way to find these star ratings for guests, they don’t show up on the details page for the stay or on their profiles as far as I can find.

It would be handy to be able to check these before accepting a request.

I think you can only see them on the app not on desktop.

Where are you seeing them on the app? I’m probably overlooking something obvious but I cannot find them anywhere.

I see any ratings when they book - I use a laptop @georgiahost

I see them on the laptop and the app, @georgiahost. I have Instant Book enabled. Do you? If not, that might be why you are not seeing the stars.
A non-IB host told me he never sees the stars, even after they book, which sounds incredible. I’m sure someone here can confirm.


I am on Instant Book. I must be missing something.

Maybe someone could walk me through it? On the app, if you go to the details page for a reservation and then to the guest profile, what do you see?

I see:

Hi, I’m (name)
Joined in (year)
(#) reviews

(name) provided
email address
phone number

(#) reviews

(then it shows all of the reviews)

report this profile

…and that is all. Where are y’all seeing the star ratings?

I just checked on a desktop computer and I see basically the same thing there. No star ratings for my guests.

I can see them on the laptop. I actually can see the breakdown of the 3 ratings there but only the overall (which for guests is created by averaging the 3, not as a separate rating).

I am on IB and use Microsoft edge or chrome on a laptop and have iOS on an iPhone or iPad.

Here is a screenshot of the upper left corner of the reservation details page (personal info edited). This is using Chrome on a Windows desktop.


And once you click on the stars/reviews link it will open up the details.


I have heard that too. Not sure if it’s true.

Thank you @Brian_R170! I can find them on a desktop now. They were not coming up because I was clicking on the guest’s picture and going to their profile, and it does not show them there. I knew it was something I was doing wrong. :flushed:

Now I just need to find them on the app. I can see an “Overall rating” with stars on the details page there, but it is just an average (i.e. five stars) and if I click on that it just shows me their reviews, no stars. Is there somewhere I can see a breakdown of their star ratings on the app?

Thank you all for your help!

I don’t think so. I have tried as well. It used to be that you just tap on the overall stars to see the breakdown on the app but that functionality has been gone for months for me. They change things all of the time.

On the app, bring up the reservation:

Click on the REVIEWS as shown below to get breakdown:


Yeah, I used to have that but haven’t in months. Now when I click on the stars I just get the reviews. I am pretty bad about updating my phone though, so could be that. I use my laptop 99% of the time anyways.

I can only get them on the computer/website, never have been able to on the app. I’m on IB.

I’m on instant book too!

Check the directions I gave…it works in the New York, USA.

When I click on “reviews” or the average star rating link, both just take me to the hosts’ written reviews on the iPhone app. I am able to get the breakdown, however, on the website when I use my computer.

Ah…it’s possible that I have a different App, as I am on an Android…

Could be, though it seems as though airbnb rolls out some features for some users/hosts and others have a different experience. It continues to be a mystery to me!

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