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House Rules questions

You did, but the reply was to me. No problem though. :slight_smile:

Hi Laura,

Please note that this is a highly “charged topic”. Some people here will be very emphatic about what is right or wrong. Our view is simple - every host needs to decide what is right for them and their stay.

We have a comprehensive Guest Guidebook. About 12 pages, full of photos, some maps, many area highlights and places to dine. A section on the cover is similar to (using cool fonts):

Welcome to our Getaway! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay comfortable. Thanks!

Amy and Jeff

About Airbnb
Please note that the AirBnB rating system is not like a hotel . A 4 star review actually impacts our overall rating.

“Would you stay with us again? This is a 5-star review!”

Thank You for Choosing Us!

Laura - please note that there are MANY viewpoints on this one. Some are rather emphatic about “the right way to do it”. Others absolutely insist if anything is “needed” then the host or stay has flaws. Some actually speak with their guests about it. We feel that is rather tacky. To each their own.

We saw what some have done (see link), and adapted it for us. The results have been great. As we all know, Guests don’t read, so we try and keep it very simple.

Hope this helps?


Thanks so much Jefferson,

This does help. I have been trying to figure out a way to educate guests without seeming pushy or tacky. I appreciate your help.


I posted a version of that chart in the B&B kitchen, right where most guests are guaranteed to see it.

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this is a good format of usually the rules people have
taking this :slight_smile:

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