Hosting infants - what do you need to supply?

Clueless non-parent.

Do parents bring everything they need? Where does an infant sleep if all I have are queen beds?

I would expect it in my rental (if I allowed infants) and those unable to do so would need to pick a different rental. But if you supplied some of the larger items like a Pack n Play or portable folding crib it could be very helpful.


I don’t think you are required to supply anything. However, a portable crib and bedding for it is probably all you would want to supply.

You should definitely read their info making your listing safe for children.

Edit: I have had only one family with infants (triplets even!). They rented portable cribs and some other items from a local company that dropped it off at the front door a couple hours before they checked-in.

But where do they sleep? I know some people do the “family bed” thing but two adults and a baby in a bed seems a bit tight.

My listing states it is “not appropriate for children under 12.” A designation Airbnb allows (personally I think the cutoff of 12 is a bit high but whatever). I have safety concerns for choosing that option but at the same time have been known to waived it for children in the 6-11 range.

Last night I rec’d a request for 5 adults and 2 infants (3wk and 14m). I have 3 queen beds.

I did decline the request to which I rec’d a terse and argumentative “I’m very disappointed” reply but I truly feel I do not have the necessary items to properly and safely accommodate such young children (I did thank her and explain why I was declining). Please enlighten me if I’m wrong.

Could I host them without having to go out and buy baby items?

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Rental by parents seems like a good idea. I would hate to supply something that caused injury to the baby. Seems like there are recalls on baby killing bed bumpers and the like all the time. The idea of that, having to keep abreast of recalls and safety issues for someone else’s precious bundle makes my head spin.

If you’re not part of the family connection, then parents will bring a portable crib.

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I don’t host infants as a rule, but have on two occasions, when someone has made a reasonable request and it’s a very young baby. By reasonable, I mean if they tell me they will bring everything they need, including a Moses Basket, and that they don’t need kitchen facilities, i.e. a breastfed baby. All I offer is a quiet, comfortable place for Mum to breastfeed, and extra bin bags for nappies, together with showing the parents which bin to put the bags in.

A couple a few months ago with a six week old baby were wonderful guests. I would have them back anytime.

The others, over a year ago, brought the father’s mother with them, and I think this made Mum feel quite uncomfortable, although at least she had some rest. Dad was up most of the night, and I heard him prowling around the house in our private areas, and rattling around in our kitchen. When I came down, he’d helped himself to food from our fridge and cooked, and left his washing up in the sink.

Actually, I think his mum cooked for him.

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I think you might mean “Family Collection.”

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You’re right. Sorry for the mix up.

^This. If it had just been a 3wk old and I might have accepted as a Moses basket would be all they needed (had to look that up - neat item). I mean they’re basically like a kitten at that age, right? (sorry, never had or spent any time around infants).

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I have (spent time around infants), but that pretty much sums it up. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Since they don’t count, don’t count them. :smirk:

Seriously, I offer a full sized crib that converts to a toddler bed in my listing but it is up to the parent to provide for infants. Most will carry a “pack n play” if the listing doesn’t offer a child bed. I wouldn’t have provided a crib but I had a family member whose kids had outgrown it and she sold it to me for almost nothing, and it is beautiful. (And the only crib I have ever owned :smile:)


Dodged that one! Sounds like a headache avoided.

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I agree and on the odd occasion where someone has enquired whether it would OK to bring an older young child (8+) I have accepted citing I just don’t want small children wandering around my house going into private areas but 12 seems to be the cutoff as far as AirBNB is concerned.

On the other hand I have had ‘enquiries’ from 3 or 4 families with infants simply asking what facilities I provide for infants, Just an entitled expectation they can bring their squealer, probably bolstered from everyone they know telling them what a cute little bundle they have and don’t even consider anyone would not want a squalling little poo machine in their house disturbing other guests. :baby:

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Very good question. So I disclose to anyone who books me with children that I don’t have the house baby proved, high chair and gates. or outlet covered. One lady asked me to buy a foldable crib (it opens up like an umbrella and it comes with a mattress). She sent me link on amazon so I bought it. Since then I got it used a few times. I might buy a high chair from Ikea because other hosts praised it on different topics. But thats all I can do.

that’s not true. no matter haw small, even newborns, they need their bed. they cant be in bed with adults who might roll over them and kill them by accident.

Oh no, really, they are not. We have two new kittens who have been with us for just over five weeks.

The poo factor is about the same but that’s it, until I can let them out after their final vaccination. Actually no, it’s not, because I can’t put them in nappies! Born 14th April

The rest is carnage. Curtain climbing, book shelves tumbling over, leaping from great heights, flowers eaten, milk jug with head immersed, can’t open windows in a heatwave, CDs scattered, wine rack (emptied…) for climbing frame

. Get the picture?

And butter wouldn’t melt.


Love the kittens! But I was thinking of newborn, maybe with their eyes still closed and ears folded. :upside_down_face:

Those two are def. terrible twos toddler stage!


That is a concern but I think the bigger concern with infants in adult beds is the opportunity for them to roll out and hit the ground or perhaps become entrapped in the sheets and suffocate.

Don’t host them ESPECIALLY after you declined them already…

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