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Hosting infants - what do you need to supply?

You don’t need to provide anything. IT’s the parents responsibility. Actually, declining children could be seen as discriminating against familial status. Basically assuming that the parent is not responsible enough to keep an eye on their children and make sure they behave.

I have a Pack n Play now but don’t provide sheets. But for the longest time I had nothing. The place has stairs. A rock waterfall with pond. A drop off embankment. Snakes. Bears. No child proofing at all. I provide nothing except for the Pack n’Play and the only reason for that was for it to be convenient for Fly to guests. Other than that all my drive to guests bring their own stuff. No drive to guest has ever asked what I provide for children.

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I have actually addressed that issue in another thread a while ago. For a two day rental that does not apply. However, when it does apply it is not for the reason you’ve stated.

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Perhaps a good reply to the disappointed response is something like I’m disappointed that I have to decline your booking because it doesn’t meet he listing requirements of no infants or children and then if you feel like it educate them to look for those specifics before they choose the next time.

I just let it be. In my initial response to her, after thanking her for inquiring about booking, I stated “per our listing the home is not suitable for children under 12.”

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s that people don’t read or they just don’t care and try to book anyway. My last guests inquired about booking with kids under 12. We discussed the safety issues and agreed it would be fine. They booked and were wonderful guests. Kids were 8 and 10.

Which thread? Or don’t worry about it if you need to look for it.

Not accepting children is now considered discrimination!

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Which is why the parents should be sure to book a place that either has a crib, or be prepared to carry a portable one. The host shouldn’t feel obligated to provide those things, most especially if they prefer not to host children. If you don’t want to host them then make it as unappealing for them as possible so their parents will book elsewhere.

It’s not only this but if a host allows children the listing becomes “good for family”, something that ABB was bugging me to get. I assume that a listing that is good for business and good for family gets found more in searches results than other listings that are not. Remember a recent post where someone said she didn’t have a guest in a month? Perhaps that’s the cause?

I personally marked my house good for children and when someone books me with kids I inquire about ages and tell them immediately that the house is not child proof and they need to basically bring everything/supply everything.

I had no pb so far. I even had a family with 5 small kids, an infant among them. That family left the house in very good condition, considering…

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I have a “pack & play” portable crib with linens & blankets, a plastic baby bathing tub & a high chair that attaches to the dining room table in a guest closet. Traveling with a baby isn’t that easy due to all the paraphernalia you have to carry with you but what we have allows the parent/s a little reprieve. I know when my kids were little and there was no ABB I always looked for hotels that offered these type of items.

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As a parent myself even when I’ve gone to hotels with my kids I always brought my own pack and play Etc. Anytime I’ve had gas traveling with little ones I asked what their plans are for sleeping Arrangements. My kids are bigger and no longer need all of the traditional baby gear but I can easily get some if necessary. Every offer was declined as a parent say that they were bringing their own. I think having your own just gives the ease of mind that everything will be cleaned the way that they would want it as well as safe and remove that liability as well from The Host.

I think they don’t care. Their wish to stay is more important than your judgment of what’s reasonable in your home.

Also, take caution. Air’s insurance won’t cover kids if you allow them to stay in defiance of your “not suitable” house rule. Not that it’s worth a hill of beans anyway, but I include that in my list of things that make my place “not suitable”.

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