Host True Confessions

Had a private booking guest for one night. Unexpectedly they need to come back in few days, again for one night, to wrap up some business thing.

I am sorely tempted not to change the sheets. I’m still off platform and no intervening guests, of course. Are my standards slipping lol?

And then there was that time I was in a hurry, noticed a mark on the fresh bedding as I was making up the bed, and “corrected” it with a swipe of old-school white out correction fluid I had in my desk.


Nominated for “Worst Host Comment of the Month”…


They might not realize that the used sheets are their own used sheets, so I think you have to be upfront about it. You could offer a discount for not having a linen change, but I wouldn’t do it without telling them. As a guest, I wouldn’t mind as long as I knew ahead of time and had a choice/discount for it.


I would change the bed sheets. It would only take a few minutes. Why risk a bad review? They’re expecting fresh sheets.


I agree.

I’ve had only one occasion when I didn’t change sheets in these circumstances—when the guest was gone for one night and knew we weren’t going to have anyone booked that night. She said, before leaving for her night away, “Don’t change the sheets while I’m gone."


@dpfromva How brave of you to make your confessions. I’d certainly be tempted to leave the sheets after a one night stay with the guest coming back, but unless they told me to, or I was going to offer a discount for the repeat stay (in which case I’d say “I’ll knock $5 off the next night if you’re okay with sleeping on the same sheets you slept on for 1 night”) , I’d just sigh and change them anyway.


A family moved out early after having the listing paid for by their insurance company and I was able to re rent the days and not refund via a direct booking … :grinning:


Sometimes I don’t put a fresh roll of toilet paper for every new guest.


In seriousness, I’d just ask the guest. I’d prefer the host not change the sheets but might not assume there was no intervening guest.


Yeah, gonna change the sheets, I’d feel badly if I didn’t. Plus, I peeked in the door – I don’t go in to clean for 72 hours minimum cuz Covid) – and they’ve left me a little gift bag!


I have to admit I go in within an hour usually, masked and get the laundry started and make sure the heat is set down, check for anything that needs attention. That was before I was vaccinated, now that I have both shots I still wear a mask if the guest just left.



My difficult and bratty grandson (and family) came to visit in late December. He immediately went to the spare room upstairs with the queen bed and then asked to use my washer/dryer. I asked him why. He said that the sheets are dirty. WHAT? I said…the last person in them was you in October. He said “Grammy the sheets are dirty and I need a clean set!”

Grammy rolls eyes, flips her hair back, heaves a great sigh, and gets him a fresh set of linens, that he can damn well put on himself.


Used the forums “recommendations” and talked my too frugal husband into new sheets for our own bed to test them. Then took over our outdoor furniture to the rental because the fórum “ recommended” a chair for each guest and we didn’t have enough. Bought myself all new stuff. Would someone please absolve me of my crimes?


1.Everything that has any class at all in my listing is second hand or built by me.
2. Guests use Dh’s family ( Aunt and Grandma’s ) silver plate flatware. I always get a chuckle if they are listening to my blurb, when I say “MY family has the real silver”…


My guest room has a second hand lamp, a Mexican blanket I’ve had for 30 years, I can’t even remember where I got the little carved teak wooden bedside tables, but have had those for 30 years as well, the wooden chair I found by the side of the road on garbage day, painted up and made a cushion for, and the aluminum ashtray out on the balcony table was made by my now middle-aged daughter in 7th grade metalwork class.


My 3 listings and the hallways and landings all have bookcases full of books. Lots and lots of good books of all kinds. When we first opened I noticed that some of our larger art and photography books had gone missing and that cheesy, tattered paperback novels had been left in their place.

So, I put in our house manual to “please enjoy the books while you’re here, but it is not a take-one-leave-one situation. They are part of my mother’s electic collection and I don’t want to lose any”. No books have gone missing since then! Yay!!!

However, my mother’s large and electic book collection is safe and secure in my own apartment…as they always have been. (I’m not as stupid as I look) :wink:


Hmm, any bets those nice books of yours turned up on eBay?


Oh good grief. Look what I noticed today while refreshing my listing description. No telling how many YEARS it was this way.


More evidence that guests don’t read?


Yes indeedy I promise here in the middle of the Bible Belt we do not have a nude / pubic beach.