Host Only Fee 14%

There is a local Facebook Airbnb group where I live and there is some talk about a Host Only Fee (14%).

I don’t know what this refers to.

Host pays all fees, guest pays none - - just like


They sent out information about this in recent host newsletters. Basically you can choose to pay the guest fee fir them @JohnnyAir

OK. Ultimately the guest pays the same I guess as we would have to raise our prices by around 12% to maintain our margin. I wonder how this works with the filter.

eg: if your rate is $50 per night, with the guest paying the commission, will the property appear if the filter is set to say $40 to $50 per night?

Guests have been paying up to 20% on some of my bookings and I get DINGED for VALUE!

My question would be if the hosts have to pay all fees will Cost. Service start treating us like we are the customer too?


How do you know how much the guest paid? I should have added “with respect” Deb :slight_smile:

I am direct - I ask the guest!

There is somewhere in the transaction details where you can look up what the guest paid. You have to be at a computer to see it (I’m not, or I’d post directions).

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As far as I know, when using a computer as @Xena suggested, you can find out how much a guest will pay for a certain date range by going to your calendar and selecting the dates.

Then on the right side of the screen under nightly price, click on open price calculator. You will be able to see what guest will pay under the “guests pay” tab and your payout under the “payout” tab.

Unfortunately, this does not work for dates that are already booked only unbooked nights. I have not been able to figure out what booked guests will pay short of asking them like @Debthecat does.

This option is only available to businesses and professional hosts, is that right? I wish I could sign up for it as a live-in host. It makes a lot more sense to me than trying to guess what the guest will be charged. I could set prices accordingly. I know how to use Xcel :roll_eyes:

I’m a superhost in Australia. I don’t think that I have ever been offered this option.

Just reiterating that filter issue:

  • Scenario 1 - Property A - Regular Airbnb rate setup
    Host requires a net of $100. Host sets price at $103 to cover Airbnb service fee of approx $3.
    Potential guest sets filter at $80 to $110. Property A appears in search and guest books. Guest ultimately pays $103 plus Airbnb commission - say $114.

  • Scenario 2 - Property B - Host pays all fees 14%
    Host requires a net of $100. Host sets price at $116. Potential guest sets filter at $80 to $110. Property B doesn’t appear in search.

Is that how it works if a filter is used by the guest?

I only have a few per year to fill in gaps in my schedule but all of mine have been in the 12% range as I recall.
Also, on a Special Offer, you can see exactly how much booking fee guest pays so i use that to customize total paid for both our benefit.


I have tried this fixed, host supported 14% fee for some time now (pre and post COVID) in France, but I am not convinced at all.

Airbnb states that doing this it increases the bookings, but I have the feeling this is only true for hosts who don’t know they have to increase their rates by about 17% (maybe more depending on VAT) to compensate for this, and thus get more booking only because they sell at a lower rate because of this.

I thought I would like it, but I deactivated it and find it works better without it and it is also less confusing to set my rates.

Anyone has tried this ?

Did your listing look more expensive in your comparative set when a potential guest searched for accommodation?
How clear was it that there were no booking fees?

It will state that the host pays it once you click on their profile, I can’t recall if it’s shows in search results.

Exactly. What does the pricing look like in the search and on the listing with the host-only fee model? I’ve never seen a listing that used the host-only fee model. My biggest fear would be that the nightly rate looks higher during the search, which may turn away potential guests in a competitive market before they even click on your listing.

My biggest concern with host-only fees is why bother with different fee models at all. Obviously, they did some research to come up with 14%, but if it’s better, then why not level the playing field and make it the same for all hosts? I have to think the either one or both of the following is true:

  1. Airbnb and/or hosts want to take advantage of the psychological effects of a low advertised price where fees and taxes are added later.
  2. On average, Airbnb makes more money per transaction with the host-only fee model. This would come at the expense of the host.
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I would need a flashing neon banner across my listing to say “NO FEES”. If it only became clear after the potential guest started the booking process, then I cant see how it is an advantage. You could mention it in the listing, but because most guests don’t read and just look at the pictures to make all sorts of assumptions about what they are going to get - I feel they are comparing apples and oranges, without realising they are in a different fruit basket!

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14% is exactly the same host fee as in my market. No idea what is is anywhere else, but i assume the big players will get a better deal on the fee.
And then there is the 3% credit card fee and they want me to join a Genius Club that gives their members an extra 10% off the booking price - so 27% off the top, yet they don’t offer a discount on their fees. I have changed all my policies on as they were the worst for no shows, fake credit cards and cancellations.

Host-only commission is the traditional mainstream tourism way of merchandising accommodation. I prefer the original Airbnb model where the guest pays the bulk of the fees. It feels more 2020.