Host Only Fee 14%

Exactly. I can’t see why a host would choose this option. It only makes sense on a platform which operates with host-only fees across the board. If some hosts have this and others not, it just makes their listings look more expensive than similar places which don’t have it. And even if there were a banner on the listing saying no guest fees, a guest couldn’t really compare how that looks against another place where the guest pays a fee, because they would have to enter all their booking info into the one with guest fees to see how the total price compared, as guest fees aren’t some standard percentage on Airbnb.

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I use the Host only option successfully for more than a year.
In a lot of parts of the world AirBnB has to show the total price including all fees.

If in Europe, a guest puts in the dates to show prices, he will see the total price including fees and taxes.

Because I pay the 14% and I do not pay VAT on the fee, and because I have Air collect VAT and Tourist-tax separately so I do not pay the 14% over them, my “markup” for AirBnB is about 9% (the guest pays 9% more then when booking direct).

Normally a guest would pay about 20% with split fees, so I can keep my prices 11% lower than the competition, and still make the same amount of money.

With BookingCom, the Guest pays about 15% than when booking direct.

There is actually an interesting article on the [redacted by mod] blog that explains the recent updates. And since when disadvantages in listing order have been eliminated. Seems like it started beginning of October

Phil, are you promoting your own blog?

His own company more like, they produce a STR management application.


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