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Homeshare medallion?

Has anyone research if the government bureaucrats will use the medallion system for home-share just like they did for the cab companies?
I believe thats a big possibility because whenever alot of money involve government love to stick there nose in it. So its a good time to look into it because soon the home- share economy will become a monopoly

Never heard of it @Homesharemedallion

Are you located in the US?

I’m not sure what this posts is about at all, but I’d like to see this explained. Thanks.

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I’m guessing there are complications with using the “medallion” system for short-term rentals compared to taxis. Otherwise, all of the recent STR legislation in big cities like New York would have already gone this route. I can’t imagine any host would want this. It could be cost-prohibitive for low-cost home-sharing scenarios and my guess is that the hotel industry also opposes it since they would likely be bound to it as well.

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Say i open a bar or night club i would need an alcholol license which cost $300k from the state or i would have to lease it from someone who owns one.
I believe the state or municipalities will come up with something similiar for the home-share economy.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Anyone who has a hosting business needs a licence from their city in order to operate within the law. Just as, in your example, a bar needs a liquor licence.

So what exactly are you talking about?

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I think I would like a large glass of whatever he/she is drinking.




If they are in the US it’s probably whatever they are smoking. If they are in Amsterdam all bets are off.


I don’t know what the world is coming to. (What a very ‘old’ thing to say). I have no objection to either, but I think it’s a bit much when children the age of the OP are indulging. :slight_smile:

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Whats up with the insults?

A “medallion” is effectively permit that is issued by the local government with only a fixed number being available. For example, the city might decide that want to limit the number of short-term rental properties within the city limits to 5000, so they create 5000 permits and sell them to hosts that want to start renting. Once the 5000 permits are sold, the city won’t issue a new one until the city council agrees to increase the number of short term rental properties within the city. The only way for a new host to get a permit is if some other host stops renting a property and gives up the associated permit. If the permit is not transferable, then the host with the permit forfeits the permit to the city and the city will re-issue the permit to the next person on the waiting list (this is what @CeeBee’s local government must be doing). If the permit is transferable (which it the way I understand taxi Medallions work), then the host with the permit can sell it to whomever she chooses, which creates a supply-and-demand market for the permits.


Thanks Brian. That explains it perfectly.

It’s a little similar to the way that a lot of condo buildings operate. They allow, say, 25% of the apartments in the building to be rented out and an owner has to go onto a waiting list to be next in line when another owner stops renting his / her place.

I create this post so host can be aware of what the next regulations will be. Thanks for elaborating it for us

Thanks @Brian_R170 why couldn’t @Homesharemedallion have just explained it that way when asked rather than ignoring the question?


This is an international forum, regulations depend on where you live @Homesharemedallion

So are you not a host then?

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Relax, we mean well but you need thick skin around here.


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This is an international forum. It’s English language and dominated by US hosts though. In the US there are over 87,000 local and state level government entities with regulatory power that could effect “homesharing.” Another issue is that not everyone who lists on Airbnb is “homesharing.” So you should tell us what you mean by homesharing and which national, state, provincial, county, parish, or district government you’re thinking about when you speculate on this coming regulation.

Your posts just don’t have enough detail or context. You feel you have something important to tell us but we don’t know what it is.


BTW, I’m in El Paso TX USA and there won’t be any homeshare medallions coming to my city anytime soon. TX passed a law protecting Airbnb listings from municipal regulation. So even within the US regulation can vary greatly from one city or state to another.


Snark. Good natured and very helpful snark. If you post here, you need a thick skin, a good sense of the ridiculous (hosting is an insane path), and a sarcasm font.

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