Hire or own linen?

Do you hire linen or launder your own? How does it work out? How much stock items of linen is required per bed? Maybe it’s possible to do a mixture of both?

Hire linen??? That’s not a thing in this country. Where are you? I would guess that 99% of all Airbnb hosts buy, own and maintain at least two sets of linen per bed in their listing. If you are an hotel I believe you still own the linens.

Oh… I see now… just waking up. You mean to say do we pay someone to do the laundry or do it ourselves. Again, I would say most hosts do their own laundry or have their cleaning person do the laundry.

We have three sets of linen for our one spare double bed - all good-quality Danish-manufactured Egyptian cotton. Guests really appreciate good linen! We wash it all ourselves but our cleaner irons - yes, I know, we’re still old-school about ironing bed linen!

Three sets per bed here. When I say ‘per bed’, there are two beds and both are queen size so the linens are interchangeable. I use all white and use the same on our own (queen) bed so that in the event of emergencies our spares can be used on one of the rental beds.

Why three? One in use, one in the wash and one just in case. And ‘just in case’ does happen. Just wait until you get a frantic guest telling you that they’re so sorry but they just accidentally dropped a pizza (top side down) on the bed. Or worse…

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My cleaning service washes and drys all linens during the cleaning. They keep me informed of stains or anything that needs immediate replacement or guest reimbursement claim.

I looked for a professional laundry service but none near me would even launder bed linens. I’ve never used a laundry service but it surprised me they wouldn’t do sheets.

3 sets per bed as Jaquo describes. I send sheets and Duvet covers out for washing/ironing but do pillowcases, bathrobes and towels myself.

A recent advance is that Mr Joan has taken up ironing, on the grounds he can watch crap films whilst doing so. He’s now quite, quite addicted, even releasing me from doing his bloody work shirts and asking if there is anymore to do.

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Please send Mr Joan my way @Joan I have lots of bedding he’s welcome to use his newly found skills on :slight_smile:

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I had a friend who owned a laundromat and did fluff and fold, he told me he hated to do kids clothes and sheets. It is because they are a lot of work and they do not weigh much, he charged by the pound. Drop your drawers laundry emporium was the name of his business.


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Like others I have 2-3 sets of linen per bed. However in my area are laundry services which will provide a bag of clean linens including bed sheets, towels & washcloths for $15-25 per guest.

We send our sheets out but wash our own towels. This is because my husband is responsible for the laundry and he HATES folding sheets. We have 5 sets of sheets for one queen bed (I know that sounds excessive but it allows us to not have to visit the cleaners as often…if the timing is right they pick up & drop off) and 3 sets for the twin sofa bed.