Help! my 1st decline

No later then 5pm

This is all I have got from this guest request to stay. I have sent him 3 nice notes. I am ready to decline him within the 24 hour period. wtf
Need advice,
Thank You

Nothing on his profile? No reviews or “hometown?”

Home town yes about 60 miles away, no reviews no profile info.

I’d send one last message saying "sorry I have to decline. with a reservation on such short notice I need more information. If you are able to provide the necessary information at a later time please feel free to request again. "


The res is for next weekend.

Should I call airbnb or use the “uncomfortable with this guest” option? The latter which I never have done.

Hello! I would call ABB first and tell them the situation. They can contact the host on your behalf, if there is still time for that. And if not, they can help with the cancellation, or at least understand your reasoning so you are not penalized. Could be that the guest message is incomplete but they don’t know it bc they are out of service range? Or don’t use the app?

which is better to decline or let it run out of time/expire? I just called air and they said it doesn’t matter which option I choose, either way no ding on status.

That feels really rude to me. I wonder if a similar request has been sent to multiple other hosts in the area?

I would let it expire rather than decline. If whoever can’t be bothered to get back to you, why bother with them?

I called airbnb, declined, and used the “uncomfortable with this guest” option. Thanks very much for this forum and the helpful friendship here in this time of need, it was nice to know y’all had my back:)


Glad it went well @gypsy! Happy Hosting!

I have to check your place out since we are heading to Cali soon :smiley:

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Call him. Look up on FB, or just let him show up. Heads in beds


Too late I c

A couple suggested just letting it expire but that would cause the dates to be blocked. Strange that Airbnb said that both option were the same as far as no penalty because that is not necessarily the case. Likely the usual bad untrained customer service…

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I got a reservation request a few days ago and the message was this

I was a little worried, but it was first-time Airbnb guest. A few messages and a little time to help get her profile verifications set up, and… boom, she was booked.


I sent 3 very nice notes to the dude and he never sent anything else. I don’t ask for much, no reviews, no profile, local, all ok. All I wants a human that can write a few lines and show a little enthusiasm about spending their bucks to come over here.


I got one this morning at 2:17 AM “Hello, I’m interested.”

Okay, I have IB. What do I say to that it was a 10 day inquiry for 2 people in a house that sleeps 14 over Thanksgiving week.

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This is your opportunity to sell your property. Don’t need that booking…waiting for a better one? Reply with “thanks for your interest.”


omg has anyone had a totally jinxed date?? this date in question, next weekend btw, has been booked and cancelled or inquired about no less that by 5 people!!!

That last dude just finally wrote us after I got a new booking since declining him that cancelled. that dude said he was busy setting up and throwing a party thats why he didn’t write back…

I wish I had thought of that I replied lamely, “Good morning Mark. We are currently available for this timeframe.” lol…


Hopefully not at an Airbnb…:open_mouth:


I had an odd situation where I received short notice stays form nearby locations. My price was high and I felt there were better options in the area. I simply declined because I wasn’t going to risk it and be uncomfortable with their stay.
I believe one guest simply stated “thanks for the short notice stay and do you have an attached garage” before I even approved or declined lol… Yeah no sorry. Too suspicious for me. No reviews or pic either.