Heavy duty toilet seat?

During our last guests’ visit we had to send over the handyman to replace a broken toilet seat. This is now the 3rd seat on that toilet. We also had to have the toilet itself repaired recently.

It appears that our original equipment is not sturdy enough for people over a certain weight. So for the 4th toilet seat (expecting the same outcome because the 3rd one is whatever my guy could get quickly) I was looking at seats that advertise a 1000 lb capacity.

They cost 3 times as much so I was wondering if anyone has made this investment and did the seat actually last longer?

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I would pay it if they keep breaking, since you have bought 3 already…



I hate the hollow seats. Just get a nice solid one and I think it will work. How much is 3x the cost? I usually spend like 35 or 40 on a seat. Those 5 dollar ones are hollow junk. Too hard to clean.

Group poop? I certainly hope you never get a 1000 pound guest.


I don’t think my Ikea beds would stay intact with someone over 400 lbs, and there’s a steel beam in the center.

The one that broke was solid wood and actually the most expensive one in the store at regular price (I got it on sale). The hinges are what break, not the actual seat. The heavy duty ones supposedly have stronger hinges but I am skeptical. I guess it’s worth trying it out to find out.

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It does need to withstand more than the weight of a large mass plus gravity, so for a 300 lb man it needs to be able to withstand more than 300 lbs of force. Plus I haven’t ruled out that people are standing on it to better see wildlife out the windows :joy:

Edit: This is the one that keeps coming up in recommendations I find online.

When you sit on it it plays this song. https://youtu.be/KnnHprUGKF0

Not really but it totally should.

Edit 2: Looking at the reviews on this one, it addresses what is happening with guest use on the seats. The seat slips under their weight when they shift, stressing and eventually snapping the hinges. This one has reinforced hardware to prevent slipping. Good reviews.


Worth it to avoid the hassle and even a possible injury. I keep mistakenly using the wrong cleaners on mine and taking off the finish.

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Lol. I saw that big John too. I’d imagine the one I have wouldn’t withstand. I have a Koehler. They were really great about replacing my hinge when I broke it while installing…

That bemis one looks like it may do the trick! The big John is ridiculous. I don’t like the shape of the seat. Too clunky.

Wood seats are crap (pun intended) . People let them drop and either they break or they break the toilet.


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Have you thought of soft close seats? They prevent the seat from slamming down and stressing the hinges.


That is what I use.


I would never have anything other than a wood seat. Having to sit bare-assed on plastic, eek.

I second this. Wood seat with soft close hinges. No problemos.

I like wood because it doesn’t scratch easily. It it also better for sitting on. I don’t like it because if you get a strong chemical on it and don’t get the spot removed it takes off the gloss finish of the paint. If you get a plastic one it should be one of the substantial ones.

I’ve had both and what I’ve settled on doing is get the $20 one at Costco and replacing it periodically.

Anyone remember the old seats that had the metal bar across the back connected to the two hinges? A bear to clean but I bet they didn’t break.

No, never. I find them totally gross and sitting on soft plastic that sticks to your bum? No thanks.

He is referring to the ones that won’t slam, the hinges are made to work like a door that catches and eases itself closed. I don’t think slamming is the problem, I think it’s the plastic parts in the hinges. It is exclusively the hinge on the opposite side of the wide open space by that toilet, where a larger right-handed person can fully shift their body to the left. It isn’t happening in the small bathroom, the one presumably a large person would walk right past given a much more comfortable option a few feet away. I am just guessing based on observations. I have never broken a toilet seat in all my years but I am about the same height and weight I was at age 12 so… :joy:


Oh, thanks for explaining. yes, i do find I have to tighten up the hinges on my guest toilet from time to time, although I’ve never had to do so on mine.
I’m also about the same size I was when I was 12 :slight_smile:


As I mentioned we get wood seats with a soft close, but they also have the easy to remove feature. You can detach the seat to clean under the hinges easily.

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Forget the toilet seat, what about your furniture?

Seriously, though, I started buying the seats that are solid white plastic just because they’re easier to clean and there’s no finish wear off. They’re also available with the “slow-close” feature so there’s no more slamming seats and lids. They’re actually thinner than typical seats, but my experience (from standing on them) is that they have enough flex that they won’t break. However, I have never tried standing on the lid and I don’t think I would.

FYI, my sister always had those and they always broke (wood and hinges).

Hmmm, that’s a different problem. I would be a little careful with a seat that’s too strong because it might actually put too much pressure on the toilet itself and crack the porcelain.

We have two with that feature. The attach point seems a little weak, but we’ve had them for about 2 years and they haven’t broke.

My plastic hinges were really loose after awhile and finally broke about 2 years ago. Paid the extra $20 at Home Depot for the “soft close”. I don’t know if that’s what fixed the problem, but no more issues.