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Heating - AirBnB amenities

Hello everyone, a newbie here:)

One question: does A/C qualify as a heater or it would be false advertising? I’m thinking about adding heating as an amenity on my listing, as my A/C has this function, too. Buying an electrical heater wouldn’t be cost-effective and I’m also concerned with safety. The property is in the Med, so the winters are mild. Still, I assume most potential guests would check this amenity in their searches.

Thanks in advance!

If it was designed to heat the inside of your listing, then yes, it qualifies.

I assume when you say “A/C” that you actually have a “heat pump”, which is an A/C unit that can make heat by reversing the flow of the liquid refrigerant.


Hello @AlexCyp - Be careful. Just because there is a “Heat” switch on the thermostat doesn’t mean that your unit provides heat. I have a large apartment that had central A/C, but not central heat - heat was provided by baseboard electric heat in each room. Last year when we remodeled we switched it out to central heat/air. Fortunately the inside unit was able to be retrofitted for about $500 but we did have to purchase a new outside unit for about ($2K).

In another unit our heat is provided via boiler and heating oil, and we have a central A/C unit. This requires 2 thermostats - both thermostats have the option for heat + a/c, although only one is operational for each thermostat.

If indeed the unit is a dual A/C + heat then it’s perfectly acceptable to advertise it that way. However, based upon the way your question is worded, I suspect that’s not the case and it would be deceptive.

Our AC units can also function as heaters, although they are an expensive way to provide heating. Fortunately, we only need them in heat mode for about three months of the year.

I’m assuming you’re talking about this style of head unit:

If you are, then you can definitely describe it as an amenity.


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