Had to laugh - not a virus story!

In-home host. Current guest, new to Airbnb this month, when asked how she slept last night said “Great! Much better than the motel I was staiyng at!”

I should hope so! The motel (not named for slander/lilability concerns :slight_smile: ) is well known for prostitution, sex trafficing, and drug activity. My guest is relocating here and is working 4 ten hour shifts , commuting back to her home on weekends while trying to get her house sold. Her real estate agent was horrified when she found out where the guest was staying and recommended us as a safer, less expensive, and more comfortable alternative.


Lovely, and did make me laugh. I stayed in a similar establishment several years ago, after a late night flight into Portugal/Faro, and didn’t sleep a wink.

If our listing were in an urban/suburban area I would be hitting up every realtor in the county for mid-term/month-to-month leases with their clients who are waiting on closings right now.

Ha ha, reminds of the time we booked a place in Madrid, slap bang in the middle of the red light district! Hotel was fine, and to be honest so were all workers on the street. In fact, compared to other places we’d stayed in Madrid centro, it actually felt a lot safer late at night than some of the hotels off Sol.


Great story @Terryathome - thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing! I had an experience like this - note to self, DO NOT stop in the middle of the night to find a place to rest, just keep driving … You won’t sleep (when no one else is) anyway! :rofl:

Glad you have a happy, and less sleepy, guest!

I need the name, address, and nightly (or hourly) rate of that motel, so that I can… uh… stay away from it.


Mine definitely was not; I didn’t sleep a wink and left hurriedly at 6 am. The corridor outside was full of men coming and going until early morning, including banging on my door, trying to open it, even force it.

When I reached my friends’ house, they all thought it hysterically funny.

Reminds me of a’ weekend in Edinburgh where we stayed at a wonderful residence. On one side was a Catholic Church and on the other side, at the “Y” of the street, a series of strip clubs.

We had to pass the strip clubs each time we walked back and forth to town and greeted the bouncers each time. After a few days we asked about the area. He informed us that it was referred to by the locals as The Pubic Triangle. :joy: