Guests used my place to store an apartments worth of furniture for 2 weeks

I just had my 2nd guest stay. This was a professional couple looking to stay for 2 weeks in between apartments.

I could see by their email and name that they were profs at a local university.

So, it was easy to accept the booking.

Their 2 weeks is up today and no excessive noise from them during their stay here, and only saw them once, which is fine.

I see them out of the window this morning loading up a U-haul. It looks like they stored an apartments worth of gear in my place.

Although it’s not written in the rules not too! I can’t help thinking that it’s a bit cheeky.

I suppose if there’s no damage done, you could say ‘what’s the problem’… but seeing as I’m new to trying out short stays in my place, and my first guest was a 3rd party booking by a lawyer who booked a homeless person into my place, 2nd that I cancelled was a sex worker, and now 3rd is a couple using my place to store all their stuff.

I think in these times of covid and no international travel. This is not for me!

At least I scratched that itch and found that out.

Nope, quite clever actually.

Unless there is any damage to your property, then they sound like perfect guests.



OK, up to you.

Homeless guests, sex workers and people using my place as storage. All perfect :rofl:

Think of them as just another everyday guest, with lots of luggage.



I just went down and had a look. They left it in really good shape, so no harm done I guess.


That’s a tough one because they probably didn’t cost you much in terms of consumables, but in my experience, the chances of damage when moving an entire apartment’s worth of items is near 100%.

Since April, I’ve gone back to long-term month-to-month rentals which is what I did before I listed on Airbnb in 2018. Nearly every one of my renters has moved most of their household in an out of my fully-furnished rental, so it’s kind of expected for me.

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For me I think same way too about damage moving stuff in and out, and for me that moving furniture in and out is a bit like sneaking in extra guests.

I should clarify that they were staying in there as well as storing their stuff.

I don’t see it like sneaking in extra guests- extra guests use hot water, other utilities, soap, toilet paper, dirty towels and sheets, drink up coffee you may provide, etc. therefore they cost you money. As long as they were careful not to scrape up the walls or scratch the floor, it doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me.

Yes, they should have asked, that would have been the polite thing to do, but as you say there’s no damage from the furniture moving, and they left the place clean and tidy, these seem like decent, hassle-free guests to me.


Guest 1 Third party booking - not ideal but it happens alot.

Guest 2 Sex worker - Never heard of this before. Poor you - not great.

Guest 3 The movers - rather cheeky but appears they were very careful so count yourself lucky.

Overall you appear to have been unlucky - I have hosted over 130 different guests - only one has been unacceptable - he made it clear he was “available to me” Otherwise the vast majority have been fine and would be welcome to return.

I’d call that stay a success. They left it clean,left a nice note and a cream cake in the fridge.
Sent me a nice text saying thanks.
All in all pretty good. Storing their stuff? I guess no big deal.
Now that feels like hosting.


5 stars for them!



So things are looking up, right, @Dave_vancouver? Third time lucky.
I love how you went from grumbling about it in your OP to deciding they were ideal guests :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol… yeah that’s kind of how I am. I think when I saw them loading the U-haul, I thought ‘oh, here we go’
But when I saw it was clean and cake in the fridge, I saw it was OK. And happy about that.

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Excellent attitude. I see great things in your future. Do not give up on it. Please put “No sex workers” on your house rules.:rofl:


I have to come visit you when I next come to Vancouver. Which will likely be next summer. I think we’d have some things in common to laugh over- I also get worked up unnecessarily about some stuff, only to realize it was a non-issue.

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That kind of behavior would not be acceptable to me. It feels invasive, wrong, and entitled. It is not the reason I rent property. They should have used a storage facility.

You seem to be having 2020 luck with guests. Nothing surprises me anymore this year.

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Gee, no one has ever left me a cream cake…that is a real bonus!
After several years I have only had two guests that were a problem.
One had a toddler that ate corn curls and then wiped his hands on the 52-inch TV. I was afraid we would have to replace the TV, but with a lot of work we were able to clean it up.
The other one was a couple from Paris that did not speak a word of English. I pointed out to them that if they went out to the patio there were plastic glasses for the wine. Late the following evening I heard glass breaking and two wine glasses had broken on the pool deck. That was a pain to clean up because it had to be perfectly clean to keep the next guests from getting cut.


Is that similar to a cheesecake or tres leches? Or … something different?

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They visited me , too, only this time they gave their toddler Cheetos. What a mess!This family gets around. :rofl:

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