Guests threaten to use our flat as homeless emergency accommodation

Two guests plan to check in tomorrow. However, last week, they noticed me they would not be able to come due to the strike of Ryanair. Also they broke one leg and one arm. They asked me to waive the cancellation fees. I told them that they already passed the free cancellation period, but I could try to resell the room for them.

Then I just received an email from the guests. They complained that Air did not let them cancel from free. And they had asked my local homeless charity to host homeless people in my apartment as they definitely would not stay.

Any suggestions in dealing with the situation? Can I push Air to cancel the reservation directly?

That threat is in writing? Escalate to Air and have them cancel, because guest has told you they will violate rules (by sending a 3rd party stranger in their place).


Wow. I thought I’d heard everything.


Uhm, how would these people get in? Do not give the door code or key.


Edited to add, GET AIR TO CANCEL so these people do not have an opportunity to review you.


It seems like these guests are pushing to have the reservation cancelled so that they can get their money back. @Tiantian_Chen, I think you can just keep the reservation but you don’t have to admit anyone that isn’t the booking party - this way you can still get your money. Anyone else who shows up is not your guest anyways. I think this is an empty but subversive threat from your guests. Of course, it could be too much hassle also. Always about picking your battles.


But if he has it cancelled, the guests will get their money back and he won’t keep any - I think that’s probably what the guests have in mind with this threat. If they really can’t travel because of the Ryan Air strike or broken limbs, they can go through Air to cancel and prove extenuating circumstances. He can just not let anyone else in but if he cancels, even by having Air cancel, he loses the money for sure.


I have a hard time imagining any homeless shelter taking these boneheads and their “offer” seriously. In any event, it would be a third party and against TOS. I’d remind them of this (“unfortunately, third party bookings are against Air’s terms of service”) on the platform.

IF (and I’m guessing it’s really iffy) these guests genuinely have extenuating circumstances, they have recourse to contact AirBnB directly and provide whatever requested documentation they need to. It’s not remotely a real threat.


Ignore his idle threats @Tiantian_Chen no homeless organisation would give this any consideration.

All you need to do is direct Airbnb to the message he has left for you. Block the guest and keep the cancellation fee. (presume guest hasn’t been given self check in details)

If the guest asks you for a voluntary refund, tell Airbnb no.


Air strike and a broken arm and a broken leg oh my. Good point about trying to get paid. Exactly what I was thinking, clearly it is BS because if all that is true it is clearly EC and the guest should be calling AirBnB not threatening his host. I was just thinking bar the shithead but getting paid, not hosting him and barring him all sound good if all 3 can be accomplished.

I know exactly what I’d say to them but I’m not going to say it here. This is a family show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



The strike is cancelled all flights will depart as scheduled.

Undoubtedly why the guest had to break his arm AND leg, too lol


Fortunately I did not send the guests check-in instructions. Even if they invite the third party tomorrow, they cannot enter into my apartment.

Air has noted down the situation, and it will not offer any refund to the guests.

Hopefully I do not need to deal with the hassles from the third party tomorrow.


@LoneStar still have 3 legs and 3 arms between them so should be good


I heard the news. It is possible that they will show up tomorrow.

What a pain. …

If they deserved a refund due to extenuating circumstances, Airbnb would’ve already issued it. Both an airline strike and breaking limbs would qualify, so they are very likely lying. If they e-mailed you through Airbnb, then the e-mails go through Airbnb’s proxy service, contact Airbnb and show them what the guest wrote you.

Well with all those broken bones, surely.


But surely, they will have healed by the time they actually make it to the listing!? No!?


No, it hasn’t been cancelled (BBC news just now) but Ryanair are saying they will keep to schedules as far as poss by bringing in pilots from other sources. Delays at Stansted but passengers being told to turn up as planned. Dublin passengers being told to check their flights before turning up.

I think I would speak to Air CS again, particularly if you have evidence of their threatening behaviour in the thread. I would really not want to host these people, nor want to spend today wondering if they are going to turn up on your doorstep. This is what “being uncomfortable with the guest” is all about.

Let’s hope there is a broken leg and arm in the mix. If they manage to get on a flight, a fresh fracture or two will prove very painful in a pressurised cabin :grinning: