Guests lifestyle annoyance

I’m a bit annoyed at my latest British guests.
They have a 1-week booking, and seem to spend the majority of it watching crappy uneducated TV e.g. American wrestling and reality TV show trash. They are not watching educated programs or are well educated, it’s painful to have to tolerate there TV viewing habits I here it from my bedroom… Also there diet is very unhealthy, they are young in there early 20’s and are a bit overweight. There diet is stuff like frozen hamburgers/frozen chips that they cook in the oven. you’d think they could cook something healthy like a “vegan burger” or sweet potato fries etc at least have some culture to there diet…
Yes they are paying me money, but it feels like they are paying me money to be “slobs”… They said they would be sightseeing but they have only been out once in 4 days… I don’t really want to taking bookings from slobs even if they are giving me money, the market is big enough as I’m always full I would prefer just active travellers who leave in the morning and come back in the early evening. And if they cook actually cook healthy food and live a cultured lifestyle not this trashy tacky unueducated lazy lifestyle that is slobby. And it gets worse, it’s now day 4 and the guy has only had one shower and the girl has only had two. And yes they stink you can small the BO from there bedroom, especially the guy his man smell is annoying and smelly. I want clean guests, cultured guests and active guests, not slobs who pay to watch tacky TV all day and don’t wash and eat cheap uncultured fatty bad food…

Simple - if you are going to make judgements about your guests, I suggest you don’t host!


@steve5500. You are always such a breath of fresh air. Perhaps you need a few new House Rules:

  1. no slobs or stay-at-homebodies. Guests are expected to leave each morning, only returning in the evening when they have had a full day
  2. healthy eaters may be given kitchen privileges
  3. non-cultured people should book elsewhere

Maybe put it in your listing like that: “Only for clean, cultured, active guest with a healthy BMI and healthy food habits. Guests are not allowed on the premises between 9am and 6pm.”

You are joking, right?


I think if you checked steve’s posting history, you might find that he is not.


Can they spell and use punctuation correctly @steve5500 ?


I just checked… OMG :scream::joy:. I will not voice any other opinion because I would be seriously in danger of breaching forum guidelines. :relaxed:

I second that !


I would suggest daily weigh ins. If they are not maintaining or losing weight. Kick them out. Put it in the house rules. (also 8-1 ratio of kale to other foods only).


I’m still snorting at GutHend’s suggested requirement that the guest have a “healthy BMI” … :rofl:

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Just think of the money…

Also is hosting your full time job??

Helsi, that snide and snooty little dig doesn’t sound like you at all.
Even “cultured” people can suffer from dyslexia.

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Also can I please add:

  1. Intelligent tv viewing only, please

I want guests who levitate!


ok i admit it…when i’m in the US the first thing is do is eat unhealthy for the first few days and watch bad TV - its something I can’t explained…once i’ve pigged out and become brain dead…then i’m back to normal )…but there is something so alluring with foreign food that is brightly coloured and bad for you…i’m feeling bad but i think i understand the guests )…i admit it !..u shoudl encourage it )…what are those things called - bright orange cakes? hostess trolley something?



You are right, I would never berate someone for something that is outside their control, such as a learning disability.

This is someone who only comes on here to complain about his guests - always talking about them in a highly derogatory way.

On this occasion, he focuses on what he believes to be his guests lack of education.

Of course people can have dyslexia. However, if you look at his other posts, they don’t have the same level, of grammatical and spelling mistakes as in this, his latest post.

I would never have pointed out his appalling spelling and grammar if I thought he had dyslexia (that’s why I double checked his other posts, before making the comment).

I felt it was worth highlighting his hypocrisy in talking about the lack of eduction of others, when he himself made little, or no effort , to ensure his own post paid attention to spelling or grammar.

I don’t feel my comment is snide or snooty at all, as I was careful to check his previous posts before pointing out his poorly constructed latest post. Hope this helps explain where I am coming from.


Dear Helsi,
I could be wrong, I often am, and English grammar is a constant puzzle for me,
methinks the law of the jungle has caused you to forget an apostrophe in your third sentence.


Speaking as an obese Brit who’s visited foreign parts in my life, I have to say I agree with Stpetersburg. Firstly, when you’ve had a lifetime of watching the BBC then TV in the States is astonishing! - it’s like watching a traffic accident, appalling but at the same time addictive! As for the food - well, the very first evening I spent in the US (in Minneapolis in 1981, where I was fortunate enough to see Prince in his early days - but that’s another story) we went to a Mexican restaurant I pigged out on chimichangas (spelling?) and frozen margaritas in 2-pint glasses, and then we went for Krispy Kreme donuts - unknown in the UK at that time. It took me three days to come down from the sugar rush - but it was great fun!


Quite possibly @astralita12 dear, I’ll take your word for it.

A shame that was your only response to my detailed reply to the point you raised :slight_smile:

Are you saying, I shouldn’t have mentioned the hypocrisy of the OP making multiple spelling/grammar errors, while talking about his guests lack of education, because I am capable of dropping a comma?


I am speechless. Almost. You are, without doubt, in the wrong business.


I’m not usually near our property so have no idea what our guests do or don’t do, but I have had similar frustrations with my partner’s family who come to our lovely area…and then spend most of their time indoors watching TV. I simply smile sweetly and find excuses to escape :slight_smile:

As long as the guests are observing the house rules then that’s fine, despite their choice of ‘entertainment’ (As a Brit I can’t think of anything worse than trashy American TV or junk food but I guess it’s horses for courses).

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