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Guest Wants to Keep Bikes Inside or Assurance They Will Be Safe Locked in Backyard

I don’t want the bikes inside. It’s a studio space and there’s just not room for 2 bicycles. Even if there was room, there are nice linens, velvet curtains and pricey rugs and lots of stuff to be harmed from a bike a falling over.

And obviously I can’t provide any assurance of their safety outside. I think they’ll be safe, we don’t have any issues in the neighborhood but assurance is a strong word and I don’t want to be responsible for these expensive road bikes.

He’s already annoyed and also annoying. It’s an IB that booked today and I would like to get rid of guest. It will be easy for me to re-book it though it may be harder for him to book something else (it’s for this coming Saturday).

He has 10 reviews with 5 stars everywhere but House Rules for which he has 4.5 stars. I wasn’t letting it bother me but now everything about him bothers me.

I’m looking for advice on how to get out of this booking. Being a bad host I guess but this just doesn’t seem worth it.

Ask him to cancel as you can not have the bikes inside, nor can you assure him of their safety outside, so you feel he should find a listing better suited to his needs.


Thanks @Keugenia. You speak the truth. It’s the simple answer but it’s pretty booked-up around here and I know that the other stuff available for that night costs at least twice as much so am doubting he will go for it. What I fear is having this guest here being ticked off that his bikes are outside. Ugh.


Can you cancel without penalty?
I wouldn’t let anyone bring bikes inside.


It’s IB. Use one of your free cancellations…you are “not comfortable “ hosting this guest.


Good mountain bikes can run on average $1,500 to $7,500 USD. He should have them insured at his expense in case something happens. Not your responsibility. I would not allow any in my homes, but I do have an out building they could use.


Yes, this is what I want to do but am trying to figure out the best way. Can I just say I’m uncomfortable because of the bikes?

I think there is an optiom " not a good fit". You dontvhave to explain anything. Which he is not.

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You can say your are uncomfortable. You don’t have to say why. AirBnB will press, it it’s better not to say because then Air will keep trying to get around your objection.


He made a point of telling me that they aren’t “dirty mountain bikes” but “exclusive road bikes” and that they keep them inside at home :roll_eyes:

We do have a basement I offered but was honest in telling him that the staircase down is narrow and so it wouldn’t be very convenient for in/outs… and he agreed.

He clearly needs to stay somewhere else.

He agreed to put them down or he agreed ita too narrow?

They are one and the same. I have bought them from my husband and 4 children many times.

He agreed it was inconvenient. He’s pressing me to bring them in. It’s very rude the way he says he would need my assurance they’d be safe in the backyard. Also mentioned that his girlfriend’s bike is brand-new and so that she “will be extra sensitive” about it. :roll_eyes:


You are unable to accommodate the guest’s particular needs. He was disingenuous for not asking in advance.


That’s what he said. It doesn’t matter. I was just painting a character portrait of him.

Yes!! I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was bothering me the most about this guy. He should’ve asked before booking.

I’m going to cancel but am trying to figure out now what to say or not say in a reply to him so that Airbnb doesn’t have any reason to hassle me about it. (Cause he strikes me as a whiny person who will call and complain when he gets cancelled).



Any help with this anyone?

I just " love" when people make their problem my problem. How is any of your concern if his girfriend bike is new and her hypersensitivity about it ? I am ussualy accomodating and even had coomenta about it in my reviews …but this " being accommodating" depends solely on me. If I can I will do but I dont take well when I start feeling pressured.

Tell him you dont know how to accommodate him and if he asked you before booking then he could have booked aomehwere else .
And he still can.


Be the first to call. This is nothing personal. He is a fine guest (!) but you are unable to accommodate his conditions. Had you known, you would have declined.

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