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Guest Wants to Keep Bikes Inside or Assurance They Will Be Safe Locked in Backyard

You are very uncomfortable with this guest. You can in no way fit his very expensive bikes in your studio and can not assure him they will be safe outside. They are a theft looking to happen and you can not take responsibility for that nor should AirBnB.


I’m kind of scared they’re going to ask me if I have a house rule about not bringing in bicycles into the house or something equally annoying.


Ignoring the possibility of dirt, bringing bicycles in the house just seems like it greatly increases the chances of damage to walls, floors, doors, and furniture. I would be most worried that even if you told him they would be safe outside, he would still bring them in.

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Hehehehe…its the same as they might ask if you have in your house rules not to park boat on your lawn ( believe It or not it happened to me)


Agreed. He does have a knick for house rules, so am also worried about him generally doing what he wants.

I worried about that too in the past. But what he is asking you to do is to accept liability for what could be some very expensive items, and that he has very specific conditions on how to manage this, which you cannot accept responsibility and therefore are uncomfortable.

If that couple asked you to assume responsibility for their car or engagement ring, it’s the same.

If he is a fine nitwit, he will say that the Million Dollar Host Guarantee will cover it. But that is a proviso for the HOST.

Me? I would be looking at what’s available in the area now. Airbnb can top off the difference,


Just message unfortunately you can’t accommodate the bikes inside and can provide no guarantee regarding the bikes if locked outside, in fact you can provide no guarantee for any guest valuables whatsover. Suggest he cancel and find other lodging. No further explanation is owed.
I had a couple who asked to keep their bikes inside, but they were polite and gracious about it, and promised the bikes would be clean. I accepted their booking and left them a plastic tarp in the unit and there were no problems. Your potential guests sound like jerks.


@Yana I also have 2-bedroom open for that same night (I just released these both for Sat night only this morning) so should probably go and add “No bicycles” to its house rules so he doesn’t try to book it when I cancel him for the studio. Haha.

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Yes. Cite security issues and potential value of bikes, ergo he isn’t a good fit.

Just bin him.

Stop getting stressed and just do it.

My tuppence worth.



Just my lucky day I guess!

True, if there was room and they were nice, I’d probably do what I could but there isn’t and they aren’t.

I did just that this morning which is why I released the Saturday night to be booked for one night instead of the 2-night minimum. There’s not much left. Only super-expensive stuff and dumps. We were a find, which is why I’m afraid he won’t back away gently.

I don’t think they’ll need to? It’s an Instant Book but I’ve only cancelled once or twice before and it was more clear-cut, so not sure.

It seems sensible to ditch the booking if you can. But I just want to say that I’ve had guests who, when already here, have asked if they can keep the bikes inside. This is despite the fact that we’ve got a locked laundry room/workshop where the bikes would be safe.

I said that yes, they could keep the bikes inside as long as they wheeled them only onto the old towels I provided for them that went onto the floor to protect it. (Not that it needs much as it’s tile). I made them agree that they’d only wheel the bikes into that towelled area just inside the entrance door.

They did so and everything was fine :slight_smile:

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There really isn’t any room, I’m not exaggerating. If you put the 2 bikes in, you couldn’t then get to the bathroom unless you leaned them on the bed. It’s just a little studio.

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The in that case, just tell them so. Tell them too that you can’t guarantee the safety of the bikes if they are left outside. (On the Airbnb message system so it’s on record). Then let them sort it all out :slight_smile:


Was able to cancel guest online per IB policies.

Thank you all for your help!


“I’ve determined that our place isn’t suitable for your particular needs. Best of luck.”

Just tell him the truth. There’s no room for the bikes to be indoors safely, and you cannot assure their safety in the back yard. Don’t tell him to cancel. Let him draw his own conclusion.

At least if he complains later, you’ll have your Airbnb message telling him the truth while he still has time to cancel. What else he does for accommodations is up to him.

@RebeccaF I just went ahead and cancelled him. The reservation was for this weekend so it benefited both of us to move on as quickly as possible ,)

@LoneStar . I basically said this plus threw in the word “uncomfortable” for good measure. Last time I cancelled someone, I kept getting messages from her until they blocked her so was worried about that, but so far so good!

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“Thank you for confirming my decision. Have a nice life.” lol

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