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Guest wanting to bring extra people and not taking no for an answer


What should I do about a guest who booked for three people and is telling us he’s bringing 5?

He made the original booking three months ago, and his reservation is in a few weeks and he just contacted me last night telling me he’s coming with 5 and “didn’t want it to be a surprise.”

I wrote back and said we can only accommodate 4 max (Our max guest is 4 people (we have our reasons: septic, hot water heater, noise, plus it’s only a 2 bedroom!) and it might make sense for him to contact Airbnb to see if they can help him find better suited accommodations.

He wrote back with a super snarky response that he was basically doing me a favor by telling me he was bringing 2 extra people and that everything else is booked and he hopes I’ll consider his situation.

I’ve learned that these people who want to break and bend the rules before they’ve even checked in are not the kind of guests who respect our house or give a good rating. How should I move forward? I am really hoping I can get him to cancel the reservation or Airbnb to cancel without me having to do it.


Send him a special offer $500 extra for guest number 5

IDK, good luck.



What an absolute ( pardon my Tourettes) arsehole. You are fortunate that it’s a booking somewhat ahead of time but I would personally contact Air to discuss; that’s when they get to see the message thread and how snarky guests are being. He’s breaking their ToS, with knobs on, and will hopefully treat him with disdain, as they have this w/e with some guests I’m too tired to comment on…but they were utterly brilliant! At least you will have time to take other bookings going forward.


I can see a bad review on the horizon, if they turn up with more guests than can be registered isn’t airbnb insurance void, get air to cancel it.


Just don’t let them in. You’re within your rights. If you have a 4 person max clearly noted on your listing, then this bloke hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Call Airbnb at once and have them cancel the booking.

Although I have to say that there is a side of me (and not my best one) that would love to have the guest arrive so that I could tell him exactly where to go to his face. :slight_smile:


Just to give a different perspective than cancelling. A couple of times, out of several hundred bookings, I’ve had guests ask if they can bring 5 instead of the (max) 4 after booking. I tell them that the place is only set up for 4 (double + 2 single beds, 4 towels, 4 dining chairs, 4 wine glasses, 4 seats to watch tv etc) and the 2 seater sofa isn’t suitable for sleeping on so they will (a) have to pay the extra guests charge and (b) provide all the extra bedding etc themselves. In the end I appreciated them asking and while also on septic and rain tank it was only 1 extra person for 2 nights. And they left a great review. But your place, your rules.


I think the difference with your situation @JamJerrupSunset is that you were asked if they can bring one additional guests not told that they were bringing two guests.

@belwoodranch Airbnb makes it clear that a booking can be cancelled with no penalty if guests break your house rules - which this guests clearly want to.

Give them a call and once they see the guests messaging on their system is should be fairly straight forward.

Stand firm and ask Airbnb to cancel.


Fair point. He proved the saying “it is better to ask forgiveness than to seek permission” should add “and either are better than telling someone in advance you plan to break their rules anyway” I am still remembering the time I had 3 turn up for a booking for 2 and only noticed when 3 left in the car and two were identical twins.


Too funny! I know I would have at least smiled before I got irritated just because they were so cheeky :rofl:


I immediately messaged him saying he must have forgotten to book for the extra person and asked for the extra person supplement which he promptly apologised for and paid. I am guessing they had used this before :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Brilliant! Being an identical twin must be such good fun :slight_smile:

This last weekend I had a couple booked into our 2-person-max apartment. Two people arrived but for the whole weekend, there was another bloke here too. I don’t charge for extras because (in theory) I don’t allow them. But because this was a two night rental, I didn’t mind.

I have the two guest rule because I worry that the plumbing in our MCM building can’t cope with more that two guests per apartment. But for a weekend, fine. I prefer to have a flexible attitude :slight_smile:


I never remember anyone’s name so she when I talk to them both separately assuming it was the same person one wouldn’t have felt obliged to say “I’m not Sharon, I’m Susan”.


My insurance company wont let me be flexible on guest numbers. Every person who stays has to be on the Airbnb booking request. If it says two people it has to be two people otherwise my insurance is null and void. Its works out as a great excuse.

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