Guest put cups on the window sill and left stains and in one area caused paint to come off - what to do?

A guest clearly had used the window sills in the bedrooms to put their coffee cups on. I always clean the sills so I know it was this guest. There two cup stains and in one area the paint has come away. It’s not a big deal but I guess I have to repaint the area. How should I message the guest to mention this and assess the damage

I am now thinking of covering all the bedroom sill areas with white vinyl sheets to prevent stains from appearing again

Wouldn’t bother if it was me. In fact, I’d look at it as being my fault; should have painted the sill better in the first place, so that the simple act of putting a coffee cup on it wouldn’t damage it.

Cost of doing business at the end of the day.



I would just sand it and paint over it. The cost would be minimal so it’s not worth putting in a claim. Instead of the white vinyl sheet you may consider placing decorative jars on the window sill. If you’re in a beachy area, you can fill the jars with sea shells or pretty stones.

I agree. This is not guests fault. One thing you can do after you fix it to get the vinyl shelf paper with texture and put on window sills. I have them on my outside porch window sills.

100% agree. Simply repaint it and move on.


What should you do? Paint it of course.

As others have said, it’s a cost of doing business. What does surprise me though is that a host doesn’t realise that guests are people. People do things like that. People do all sorts of things in their own homes and in our rentals.

And I agree with John, leaving a coffee cup on a painted surface won’t damage a properly painted and finished window ledge. It sounds as though you need to guest-proof your rental a bit more.


We put out coasters in several places in each of our guest bedrooms. And guests actually use them. Maybe not every guest, but a lot of them do.

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Sorry – your bad, not the guest’s problem. Should have used a better paint. Should have provided coasters. Time to do both. Just a cost of learning this business. If you put in a claim you’ll look silly.

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True. But yes it does need attention.
Looks like you used a latex over an oil based paint. Make the surface of the sill smooth with sand paper, use a primer and then paint. Would suggest a gloss or semi gloss that can withstand wiping down.

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Coasters are your friend. :grin: I have multiple sets of coasters throughout the house. I will leave most of each set in the little holder, but scatter a couple around to give people the idea. Most people will use them if you make it easy.

Argggh y’all are reminding me of a windowsill I meant to touch up and forgot. The ink on a label sticker on the very bottom slat of the blind transferred onto the white windowsill due to condensation and the guests having the blinds all the way down, while letting the shower steam the room up.

Oh well… only male guests would notice it. The windowsill is above the toilet. :joy:

I’ll probably cover the window sills with white vinyl. Never occurred to me to have coasters on them as it means guests are taking drinks into the bedroom something I never do at home. But Airbnb you never know

Of course people take drinks into the bedroom. And a well designed guest room has bedside tables with coasters or other spill proof material. When there is no bedside table guests will put drinks on the floor, window sills and other horizontal surfaces.

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I put washable place mats on the bedside tables. Easy to wash, iron and replace. Saves the timber furniture.

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Good idea. I had coasters but they rarely got used.

One hack is to paint everything white. Touch ups are easy.

Sand the area gently with a fine sanding block. These are in hardware stores and are cheap. Save some for around the house!

Gently spray paint with a very light touch. May take more than 1 application.

Boo boos like this happen all the time, and not just on Airbnb. Vive le hardware store!

I do the same. I find it funny (funny/not funny) when it’s obvious that guests set their cups/glasses right NEXT TO the coster :woman_shrugging:

I agree with John - with a good paint, properly applied, this shouldn’t happen. Regardless, sandpaper & a can of touch-up paint is stored with my cleaning supplies for just this purpose. While I’m at it, I daub dings, scratches, etc., time permitting.

I took back the apartment after it had been in a long term rental and had it repainted. I guess the painter didn’t do the best job in terms of preparation :frowning:I think I might do the sanding and paint thing and then put vinyl down

Had something similar. It’s just part of the game and a quick touch-up.