Guest Offering More Money

So I am wondering why a guest would offer extra money for a booking than what the total is according to our rates. She basically said Hello My family is coming to Florida for my graduation, We were wondering if you could to this 15 day stay for a total of 1300? We really like your place.
Profile says she is also a host…

If she is offering to send a check and the ask for the the difference it’s a know scam but I’m not really sure if that’s it. It’s possible with the Airbnb fees that it comes to more than $1300.

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She said nothing about sending a check. Even with the fees, the total is 1104. I did send a question back why she would offer more. I looked at her host profile and seems legit.

This also gets odder… she responds the rate was 1653 but we wanted it to be a total of 1550… under details AirBnb says 1104 but could she have done something to adjust the rates ??

Maybe she is not including a length-of-stay discount that you offer? Or she is adding charges for extra people/pets?

I know that the percentage of service fees go down as prices get higher. Perhaps she’s figured out a way of saving some on the fees by paying you a little bit more?

Based on this little bit of information I’d be tempted to not question and just say okay, and send a special offer for the amount that with fees added would be 1550.

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Are you sure you are seeing the full guest service fees? It would be at least 15% above your nightly rate, not including any state or local occupancy taxes.

Or, is she suggesting to have the whole transaction off-platform?

Maybe she’s into numerology and is trying to get a more auspicious number. Some people actually do that.

Where are you? That’s cheap for a whole house, 15 day rental. I’d call Air CS and do the math for all taxes and fees and then figure it out to send her a special offer that will meet her $1,300 budget.

How many guests and do you have a camera? :wink:

Well, she kind of dropped off face of the earth anyway and the request expired… Her being a host, I would think she would at least respond with sorry I picked wrong house or something. We are in Daytona and our rates are within the ranges houses get there… anyway… we calculated and it was the same as what AirBnB was actually showing. Very strange! and Actually it was 1500 she said not 1300…

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who knows… she dropped off face of the earth!

Again? Man, you are going to have to get over that. It happens and especially to new hosts. Sounds like she was a scammer. And don’t let the “her being a host” fool you. There are plenty of “hosts” that aren’t kind, knowledgable, etc. I made a reservation with a host for 2 nights this past spring. It took her 23 hours and 8 minutes to respond to my request to book. Then accepted with no message to me at all. I also made an alteration request that took her a day to respond to. After that and no messages to me I just canceled. It wasn’t worth the small fee to wonder if she would remain so non responsive. Hosts like that are why I always search first with instant book. Anyway, that rant was meant to say that poor communication is rampant.


I know… my OCD gets the best of me… I hate lack of communication! :slight_smile:


Do you require a deposit? That may have bumped up the charges to her CC and pushed her over her limit. You never see the deposit, but it’s part of the guest charge.

No, I don’t require deposit… I had never accepted her. She just stopped responding to questions

That’s incorrect unless you have one of those homes where Airbnb is now charging a deposit at the time of reservation. I don’t know how they pick the places where they add that. I’ve seen it, but haven’t been charged it, not even on my $6000 rental this summer.

@KCC You’re correct. I have a $500 deposit for my home. According to Airbnb, they place a hold on the guest CC, in the amount of the deposit, two days before the stay and releases it 2 weeks after the stay.