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Guest left 5 minutes after checking in saying it was too small and not good value


Mmmm,… darling “Bruce” - where is Arturo when you need him? Not sure what the Canadian equivalent of bogan is?


Hoser maybe?

Redneck? Hick?


Or Monty Python’s Australian philosophy department where they are called Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Bruce. “Mind if we call you Bruce?”.


I don’t think bogans would call their kids Bruce these days, possible Jaiydenn.


Ack…maybe not the right spelling and I am not sure of your pronunciation but that word is a nasty racial slur in Canada…so be careful if you visit! Lol!

We would call that type of person “white trash” from what I read!


I’m Australian and when I think of a villa I think of somewhere on the coast in Italy.


On no! I can feel Arturo making an appearance again!


If you manage to see an Arturo, please tell him I have been worried sick! I have been looking everywhere!

(Very long story, believe me.)


Could have been the whalebone corset that did it … not very huggable


That’s what all the girls have been saying! I would have to think he was cheating on you…


Sounds like you have experience, care to elaborate? Nothing like a good Mills and Boon between close friends.


@Poppy, though I agree with you in terms of this forum sometime requires one to have thick skin, at times we hosts also need to take some responsibility for some of the problems we’re having.

If I recall, you have had other guests in the past that were confused, or had different expectations of the word “villa”? If that is the case, then on Airbnb at least, perhaps it would help to avoid some future propblems if you were to change your description. It doesn’t matter if you are “right” and the word is being used correctly, if it’s conveying the wrong idea to your guests, then consider changing it. I think that’s all @Barns was trying to get at.

I myself, when presented with the word “villa”conjure up images of a stand-alone and rather luxurious property with lush landscaping and so forth. I am probably wrong, but that’s what I think when I think “villa”.


Drat. I knew it must have been something like that. Nothing kills the mood faster than two cackling ladies maids taking an hour just to sausage me in and out of my under-ruffles, then there are my over-ruffles! Just 14 bustles, 1 broken rib, and 6 petticoats later, easy peasy and done. (Forgive me if I butchered a few eras clothing history there…Shhh…)


There is always Bougainvillea for sure. Can’t have villas without bougainvillea . Like the old saying goes!


No Bougainvilleas required if its a Bogan-villa :slight_smile:

Coming from Australia, I’ve never really come across the term villa being used in context with any sort of unit. I don’t doubt that it happens in real estate or maybe in Victoria, but the difference between real estate and AirBnB is that you get to look at a house before buying it and expect all sort of embellishments from agents and normally engage builders and lawyers before you buy.

With AirBnB you have a concluded contract when you book. That means, there’s a higher standard of accuracy that will be applied in the case of a dispute. Legally the buyer also has more protections because its a consumer in the contract and consumer law gives them huge advantages both procedurally and in interpretation. Bottom line is that any words that could give a buyer wiggle room are probably going to give them an out. Even in absence of that, a company like AirBnB isn’t going to want to spend resources fighting a refund dispute that they’re not certain to win, especially if fighting that case is first going to involve them going through mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution where they have representation costs and no avenue to recover them from the other party.


Wait a minute…Now, who is Mills and Who is this Boon? Are they worth a glance when their shirts are off because they are swinging a hammer on your roof or what? It’s over with Arturo. So, I could use the distraction.


Good point. I keep seeing this here. Underwhelm with your listing, so they are pleasantly surprised with their accommodations when they arrive.


Smartiepants I see. Careful, my new Ozzie BFs do not care for your tone, smart Alec. Not sure if your name is Alec. But just steady there, Charger. :wink:


Publishers of romantic, bodice ripper books. Think Barbara Cartland.


Hi Poppy,

I’m a new host and I’m astounded at some of the host comments coming back to you. I’m not sure this forum is the place for me!

I’ve found reading your posts really helpful - thank you.

All the best,


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