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Guest left 5 minutes after checking in saying it was too small and not good value


They said they have tried to “reach out to her” but they haven’t heard back. She told me on Monday night that she would apply for a refund “during the week”.


In 4 years of hosting these villas on Airbnb not one guest and I repeat not one has bought up the use of the word villa!

The only issue with the use of the word is on this forum. In my listings the word is only used once and is well down buried in with lots of other information, it’s not in the title. It is totally irrelevant to this discussion. As this is the second post where this has been discussed ad nauseam I think we can agree we have it done it to death.


But what about Arturo!!??


Sorry to spoil your fantasy! I could get Bruce to pop over with some massage oil?


I was just making conversation, which is why we’re here aside from all the great advice. I did see other threads/posts about your villas (ad nauseam) but did not comment. Sorry that I’m being irrelevant, and I hope your day gets better.


Sorry to have asked about villa/villa unit.


Thank you and no worries, I was also overly sensitive at the time. I am just a bit over it as the use of the word “villa” was discussed at length in another post a couple of weeks ago and I don’t believe it is relevant to the current issue I have.

Plus as I was called “precious” on a post that has now been deleted I felt bombarded. Not for the first time.


I’m gonna call you precious from now on, like my sweet daughter now you don’t have to take it in a bad way!

Love ya precious



I like your sense of humour! Cheers!!


:candle:I await his arrival.


Good luck with the resolution.


Oh dear, I think that was a cultural misunderstanding, Bruce is not normally considered a “cute” name in Australia.

I will keep you posted on the outcome, all has been quiet on the home front but surely it can’t stay that way. Who just walks out on $600 because it didn’t meet their preconceived idea?


I’ve noticed a lot of characterful Vic seaside towns have those new “AV Jennings brick box” suburbs attached to them that look like any other new entry level suburb in Pakenham or Point Cook. The interiors look like what some people think are “like something out of a magazine” (or, worse, The Block) but not particularly stylish or original because of that. But being new I guess they would be fine for a weekend away if as you say you have decorated to a high degree. I have a lovely 70s style beach house overlooking Westerport outside Melbourne that most guests love the individual styling and feel but I still get the occasional guests who says they’d prefer generic Bunnings outdoor furniture. You can’t please everyone.


These are the 1970’s block, you know the type. Four in a row with a long driveway down the side. They have been rendered and done up beautifully, all by the owner. She has tapped into a great market that we have now replicated with two more as they are so popular.

And you’re right you can’t keep everyone happy as hard as you try. However you would think that guests chose a place that suits their tastes. The world would be a boring place if we all had the same taste. Where would Salvador Dali fit in?


I offer a 5 bed Victorian catastrophe in small town.
Heritage listed from top to toe…
It’s so old! It needs complete refurbishment!


Vintage is so on trend, you are in luck! I want to know when the era I grew up in started to be called vintage?!


Makes sense now. I thought the owner when remodeled out there such large furniture for just two people


We will never know what was the real reason. Anyhow you look at it to call that place small is ridiculous and you are right to think that she wanted to have party there. She probably did thought that villa is the separate standing house . I honestly always thought that villa is large one story house. But it doesn’t even matter in this case as villa or no villa she saw pictures and place is very spacious for let’s say 4 people enough . To call something obbiously large “small” doesn’t make any sense unless she was trying to get out of reservation for a different reason


Thanks, will keep you posted on the outcome.


I knew it! Bruce isn’t a cute name here either. But no, I still don’t know what you mean! :rofl:

I sincerely believe most people think they will be refunded in full if they plead their case. And I would wager that most don’t even peruse the fine (or even average!) print regarding refunds.


The name Bruce makes me think of the Australian shark in Finding Nemo who is in a 12 step program.

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