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Guest left 5 minutes after checking in saying it was too small and not good value


Hi Helen,
Did you read the entire thread? I suggest it. Poppy is well adored. Many of us (as are people on any forum) can become hot-headed and passionate when exercising our discourse on a subject. It tends to blow over quickly and is forgotten…or then debated further…
And then forgotten…
We come from all walks of life and you are rarely going to get through a topic without some disagreement and a little jab at times thrown in. It helps if you have a thick skin or the debate skills of a Harvard law graduate. :wink:


Scones are ready for my newest BF anytime you want to drop by - Arturo makes a mean cup of tea.


You are right, probably best to keep a low profile for your own sanity.


I see the bullying is vibrantly alive and well in this place! Thought I’d check and see if things might have changed, but no, a handful bullies take the opportunity at every turn to attack the person seeking advice. Pathetic. That is not being ‘passionate’, it’s being an a**hole.


Adored? @Icklemiss who knew you could generate adoration from complete strangers - just by participating in a forum :slight_smile:


@Poppy Whatever happened with this? I read the whole damn thread hoping to find out what air &/or the guest said and don’t see an answer?


It’s because you returned too quickly to the forum to check, next time leave a longer period in between visits. :wink:


Long thread that maybe jumped the shark, but we also had a ‘professional one nighter’ same MO. 5 day instant book, said they left immediately, then wanted a full refund. They actually spent the night, and said it wasn’t clean enough. They actually opened up the antique cabinets and photographed the back of the glass doors where some paint was uneven, to document the ‘problems.’ She knew just what to say to AirBnB, even though she lied about spending the night, AirBnB’s mediator suggested we give her a full refund, even though we hav ‘moderate’ cancellation. We refunded 4 nights and ended up losing about $500, as we lost 2 nights of rental, not to mention the headache. These repeat scammers should be banned!


There are professional scammer blogs out there that provide tips on how to rip us off. I’m a little surprised they would book for 5 days and then cancel when they could just as easily do the same with a shorter booking and less money tied up. Booking and cancelling is also a way to circumvent a host who has a minimum longer than the guest wants to stay.

But we also read the guest complaints of not being able to get refunded; surprising that they risk it.


I remember one story here of guests who did the same thing but the complaint was not cleanliness but that they were creeped out because the hosts belongings were in the space. Their photographs to Airbnb were of clothes in drawers. And Airbnb backed the guest.


That’s strange. People rent out their bedroom all the time. It says nowhere that we can’t do that. It even asked: is the room primarily for guests or not


It was around the time Airbnb was growing with investment properties and vacation rentals where no one lives there.

Airbnb specifically has a checkbox on every whole house listing that says THIS PROPERY CONTAINS THE HOST’S PERSONAL BELONGINGS. If that is the case and the box is NOT checked I assume it would be ground for the guest to complain and ask for a refund.


Here is the option.


I always took that to mean the guest room itself, rather than the whole listing, where a guest is occupying accommodation in the hosts own home.


Of course, that is the case @Helsi.


Shared, whole house - same principle. There are definitely guests out there who refuse to stay in someone’s house. They want no personal belongings, especially clothes. That is how the option came to be.


This is the thread I was thinking of, btw. It is two years old now.



@Helsi I have a tendency towards the dramatic if you hadn’t guessed by now!:wink:
And complete strangers? Not true. I have been around long enough to gather at least faint impressions of most of your back stories, your quirks and idiosyncrasies, your hot buttons.

I dare say that for some of you I could wing an extremely close guess as to maiden names, pets names when you were young and perhaps the name of your childhood best friend.



or recently read or favorite books. :wink:


Ridiculous, considering ABB was a home share site before they were the professional hotel-ish site that they are striving to be now. Ahh, the good ol’ days where Young Chesky had to rent his SanFran apartment to afford it appear to have been conveniently forgotten …

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