Guest Instant Booking for Third Party

I have just had a guest instant book for a third party. Her message on Airbnb only mentions her cousin coming from America, while her subsequent text states that the two guests staying will be her cousin and his friend. She will not be there at all.

I understand that this is against Airbnb’s policy. I have a strict cancellation policy. What will happen if I contact Airbnb about this? Are they likely to cancel the booking, but still let us receive payment, or are they more likely to leave it up to me whether or not I accept the guest and refund them if I don’t?

They will cancel it and you will receive nothing.

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If you want to continue with the booking, I believe you can speak to your guest and Airbnb and see if the cousin can set up a profile and the booking be transferred to them but not 100%.

Give Airbnb a call and check with them.

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I’ve had a few of these, mainly locals booking for family, and have never had a problem

Even if you’ve “never had a problem” it is still against AirBnb TOS and you can get in serious trouble doing it. Especially if you make 3rd party booking(s) and then the 3rd party trashes your place, Air would just deny any claims you would try to make…

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That would depend on what value you place on the Host Guarantee.

If you need a Security Deposit you are using the wrong platform.

I don’t think you’ll get in serious trouble for it. I had a similar situation. Woman booked a room for someone else. I contacted Airbnb. They said it was up to me whether to accept it or not. If I did accept, they would reach out to the woman who booked it and ask her if she will assume responsibility if something happens. That’s what we wound up doing and it all went well.

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What do you mean, the wrong platform? I have a security deposit. They don’t collect it but it does help you when you go to claim.

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I have a long term rental, I have a normal Security Deposit, one I can use and which needs my OK to release.

Would never use AirBnb for such a situation, too risky, you risk comfort level may be different.

I just am not really following you. If you were renting short term, on your own, you’d collect a deposit on the house. It’s no different through any of the platforms, although Air doesn’t charge it anymore. Trip advisor actually charges it and returns it two weeks later. Why is collecting a deposit a risk to you?

AirBnB does not allow you to collect a Security Deposit, specifically not allowed.

sorry, That is completely incorrect.
Unless you mean off the platform.
You can most definitely collect one through the system.


You most certainly can not, perhaps you are thinking of another booking system?

It is not a security deposit in the traditional sense of the term. It is a fake made up amount that the guest hypothetically has to honor. I have not heard if it becomes easier to collect for damages with it listed or not.

VRBO for example the guest actually pays the security deposit in advance and you remit back what is due to the guest post stay. Not going through any hoops to retain for damages.

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Yes you can! …

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@konacoconutz - AirBnB does not actually charge the guest for the security deposit then refund it later. Other platforms, such as VRBO, actually allow the security deposit to be charged and held.

I had posted about this a while back. Since AirBnB doesn’t actually collect the deposit, and the guest had to agree to pay for damages before you get anything anyway, I don’t bother charging one. Instead, our rates are high enough to cover normal wear and tear (a broken glass or two, most beach towel).

Any major damage, and I have my fingers crossed that AirBnB will support me. I know that is a long shot, but I don’t believe “charging” a security deposit changes anything if I try to claim major damages.


Yes I know this. They USED to collect it however.
In the start up days, they would send an email upon check out…

“Everything okay with xx stay? If so we will release the deposit. If not, make a claim within 14 days.”

If you do have a damage claim, it’s common sense to think they would give you more credit on filing a claim since you cared enough to collect a deposit. It should also act as a deterrent for bad behavior. If the guest knows their deposit might be charged. The guest might not realize the rigamarole they put you through.


Our deterrent for bad behavior is staff there around the clock, including a young man that is 6 feet 4 inches tall and 220 pounds of muscle!

I do know we are the exception.


It’s not just whether you’re covered under the TOS. Our only 2 star review was from a third party guest. Her daughter made the booking and was easy to work with. The mother appeared content during her visit and then slammed us in the review (for things that we are clear about in the listing)… so make sure that whomever is in charge of leaving the review has read your listing and understands what they’re getting.