Guest complained to Airbnb ( entered my room) was messy & "not as pictured" demanded refund

Has anyone experienced a new guest that rented a private room (no complaints) but took the liberty to access my personal room and called airbnb that my listing was not as described?

Out of 100+ reservations I’ve never had anyone “accidentally” enter my room. My bed is in clear view - granted there’s a sofa a TV but my room is large.

After trying to understand the issue (I was at work) after reviewing photos I realized that was my room!

I believe my listing is clear that I live on site.
I even provide a step by step guide with photos.

I’m pretty mortified that someone entered my room & took photos- plus embarrassed my room is a bit messy! Hey it was my bday yesterday & I had clothing everywhere. Lol

The irony is there were ZERO complaints for the guest room, Bathroom, kitchen or dining room.

Any tips re: how to handle without getting defensive?


I don’t quite get the connection?

If I’m understanding this properly, your door wasn’t locked and the guest photographed your room and reported that it was the rental? Is that right?

That’s horrible! I’d be embarrassed if a guest went in our bedroom, too! It’s much messier than a guest room would ever be. Did the guest decide not to stay? I’d call Airbnb and explain what happened.


First, put a lock on your bedroom door and lock it while gone. Pictures are the least valuable thing they can take.

Second, sounds like a weirdo. I assume the reservation is over but if not, get Airbnb involved and get them out of your home.

Third, what do you mean complained? What do they want? Is it a scam to get free accommodation? What is it you are trying to handle?


That is invasion of privacy. Please put private do not enter in front of your door. Guests quality is deteriorating. Airbnb needs to get more stronger with protect us hosts from shady people like this. Please be upfront with Airbnb that is not done. First of all we are letting them in our home and then they have the guts to go in the private areas. Disgusting guests.


I live in SF & our room layouts are older. My room has sliding doors that I keep about less than a foot open so my 5lb dog can Move about.
Playing devils advocate the Door to my Room was open.
From my listing it doesn’t show any of my room or it’s features.

What do you mean by “called ABB” as in they rang up and complained? And what did they mean by “the room was not as described?”. And they took photos of a room they hadn’t booked and wasn’t listed? For what reason?

But the overall review was “just right”. I’d get Miss Goldilocks reported and kicked off AirBnB.


Hi Jam,
Yes, she called Airbnb and complained about my room. The “listing was not as described” because I had stated the
"common areas: bathroom, Kitchen and dining room.
The sliding door between the foyer may be halfway closer for added privacy.
You will still have access to the kitchen & living room. < meant dining room> Mind you this is an apartment in San Francisco and if you peak into my room I have a sofa set up with a flat screen TV (like a mini studio).

I get a response from the guest demanding a refund because now there are more ‘issues’:

  • Fire Escape (I have bay windows and live on the 5th floor) not sure why this is an issue.
  • The guest room was dusty / musty hair on bedding, stains on sheets. Just checked and nothing found.
  • No lock on the guest room door
  • The mess and clutter in your room contributing to flies and smell
  • The entire building smells like mold
    *I walked past two distraught individuals in the apartment building. I do not feel safe or comfortable in your apartment.

Again, this is after the Airbnb representative told her that she wasn’t’ supposed to be in my room. I would assume that if you had major issues with said accommodations then wouldn’t you complain about the room, kitchen etc at the same time?


She blamed me for not clarifying on my listing but anyone with half a brain knows that once you entered my room and you see clothes and my BED, that she should not have been in there!
AND she took the time to take photographs???

Seriously I am thinking of not allowing newbie airbnbers after this experience.

OH and she saw my 420 items and GUESS WHAT IT’S LEGAL IN THE STATE OF CA. I also state in my listing that this is a 420 / MMJ friendly apt. I medicated at night to sleep. The nerve of someone to invade my privacy!


Guess I am just looking for moral support here… feels crappy when someone literally shits all over your hard work and effort.


Person looking for free stay… I’m so sorry


I hope she didn’t literally shit over all your hard work.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You have my support. Doesn’t sound like a typical newbie sounds like someone with serious boundary and mental health issues. You are probably lucky to see the back of her.

Did ABB take down her review? They seem reluctant to do that even when they admit the guest was an idiot with unrealistic expectations but in your case she definitely crossed a line going into your bedroom and taking photographs - how creepy.

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The IRONY: she’s here for a Psychologist Conference!!

Airbnb is still trying to resolve it- I’m not providing a refund. This happened today so no review yet.

I had private things like prescriptions, sensitive work info in plain view in my room if you entered it. I just don’t comprehend how someone could mistake this as a shared-space?

I hope I don’t have to refund :cry:

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I wouldn’t go that far. We get many first timers with no trouble at all. Rarely, we all get a difficult guest and it may not be a newbie. It’s upsetting, I know, but you have to try to let it go and move on to the next guest who will be wonderful!

Some of them are more messed up then their patients!

Sorry to say but it may not be up to you. Airbnb may not give you a choice. Seems they often side with guests these days. She obviously messed up and walked into the wrong room. After she was told of her error then she tries to find or make up other things that were wrong. Try not to dwell on it.


She may well be a wanker on her 100th Airbnb trip too. You’ve just been unlucky.


Yes, however I’m finding that the newcomers to Airbnb are not the same as the first time users in the past. Late adapters seem to be clueless as to what the spirit of Airbnb was meant to be and that’s also Airbnb’s fault for constantly raising guests expectations.

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I would put a lock on your door. I have to take strong meds so i always lock my door. 2 weeks had a bad infection, dropped the children to school and crawled back into bed but i locked the door behind me. I had 2 airbnb guests staying and one of them was trying to get access, i could see the handle turning and heard the sound of someone trying to push up against the door.

Both guests were male and i found the experience very uncomfortable. I rang my hubby and he was livid. He was cross i did nothing, i suppose i just felt vunerable as a female with 2 men alone. They left about an hour later and they were gone the next morning.

I told the guest who booked in a message and he said he would never to something like that but his friend could have. It just goes against everything that home sharing is about. I never enter a guests room and provide keys to protect their privacy but expect the same in return.

Anyway back to your story, its crappy when someone does this and worse when they want a refund. They may be a newbie, but could have had a joint profile or a previous profile, always request government id, to help prevent that.

Scarey that they could have clients in need, they cant read a profile, feel afraid by a stranger, holy crap what a therapist.

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I wonder if our non-UK readers understand what is meant by the word “wanker”?!


Aussies understand what it means

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I know! I did write with a feeling of mischief…


I am so sorry you have experienced something so horrid in your own home. It does sound as the person concerned is either weirdly lacking in boundaries and common sense, or is after a freebie.

Guests stay in my home too, where I have two listings. I don’t have a lock on our bedroom door,it’s often open for the cats to pass through (cat flap to garden) and guests don’t have locks either. It’s a matter of trust and so far, so good, bar two incidents; minor by comparison to yours but I did feel violated at the time. I would perhaps feel differently about a lock if I was out at work all day though, or about renting rooms at all when I think about it.

I had to laugh when I read your bit about your birthday and the mess; of clothes presumably.

I would fight this one. If a rep says refund, ring again to speak to someone else. I would also put something in your House Rules about guests not wandering into areas that are not part of the shared space, and make sure when they arrive that you let them know which is your personal/private area. Pointedly.