Guest Block Booked Local Accommodation

Hi I recently posted a post querying if I should cancel a guest who booked with me a year in advance which turned out to be a major sporting event unconfirmed until now of course.

I took your advice on board and decide not to cancel the booking…suck it up.

However, its a small place and I found out this guest has Blocked booked out most accomodation in the area, more than likely for re-sale.

She had no profile history or reviews previous to booking with me

Has this ever happened to any of you?

Thank You

How did you find this out?

I previously said suck it up but if this is true I would work with Airbnb to see that it’s cancelled without penalty to me. They will be able to see this guest multiple booking all the Airbnbs. Also this would make it a third party booking.


How do you know this?


It’s Kilkenny.

I spoke to a girl called Mary from Kilkenny once, twenty years ago.

I spoke to bloke from Kilkenny half an hour ago, he “oh by the way, Mary was asking after your mother”.

The Irish taught the CIA all they know.



I thought you couldn’t have simultaneous bookings, using the same account, with Airbnb?


She booked my friends not Air bnb but a private bnb 2km from me.It was a complete coincidence, we were chatting about the Irish Open coming but we got booked out ages ago…she is not happy either

Lol this would not surprise me on bit…:rofl::rofl:

It’s not uncommon for one person to take charge of booking accommodation when groups from a club (in this case local golf club?) decide on a trip.


On the basis I’m from Athy via Glasgow, I’m well used to how information travels on the village gossip superhighway.

Makes me fit right in where I am now as well, only problem is that my Spanish isn’t good enough to work out what the old wifeys (who speak in local dialect) are telling me :wink:


She booked out my friends bnb also and one more that we know about

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I hate to be difficult but that’s not evidence that she’s booked out most the accommodations in the area for re-sale. It’s evidence that there is a woman of modest means looking to bring a larger group to the area and she is trying to get enough rooms for everyone close to one another.

I’m still going to say wait it out. Raise your prices on either side of the days she booked to a very high rate just in case she decides she needs another few days on either side. A lot can happen in a year and I still think taking the high road is the strategy I’d use. If she is looking to re-book it she’ll be looking for more info like check in information, etc to pass on to her clients. Don’t give her any additional information. Just reply that you will provide information close to the trip.

The other thing I would do is message her and tell her you are wondering why she booked another place. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer or she indicates it’s a third party booking maybe you can get Airbnb to cancel penalty free later on.


Thats really good advice. Of course you are not being difficult. I am here for advice. Thank you


I would be inclined to cancel at this point, I like KKC’s suggestion of asking why she is booking multiple places. I would not tell her how you know just say I see you have booked more than one place I was wondering why. Then if she answers she is booking for someone else cancel. If she does not answer cancel as uncomfortable if you are on IB if not call and get Air to cancel.

Good luck



You are most welcome. Quite a few people come here claiming to look for advice but what they really want is validation of their established view.

Please keep us posted.


Make sure to tell her that she must personally show up and present ID in order to be let into the home at check-in.


I have 3 listings and have had all 3 booked by the same persons AirBnB account. It’s very confusing as to what check in and check out dates are when they are not the same as the inbox message shows the last booking at the top of the persons account. Example: First she booked the my Guest House for 7 days, then a few days later my Villa for 35 days, then a few days later my Cottage for 28 days. The Cottage reservation is what shows not the other 2, but all the checkin and communication for all three is in the same profile inbox.

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You definitely can. Here’s a note regarding refunds from their cancellation policies:


Every day’s a school day, thanks Brian.



There once was a gal from Kilkenny

Who booked quite a few nights too many.

She said she was hopin’

That at next years Open

She’d end up with a pretty penny.


Well done Micheal! @mdornari