Good experience with host guarantee

I recently had some guests at my villa in Italy who spilled wine over my new sofa and carpet. I informed the guest I would be claiming and started the host guarantee process with airbnb. I told them that I would attempt to get the stains removed by professional
cleaners but reserved the right to claim for the replacement of the sofa covers. I supplied photos. They paid the cleaning fee right away when I sent the estimate. Unfortunately although the carpet came clean the sofa did not.
So I informed airbnb and supplied photos of the remaining stain and a quote from the manufacturer for new covers. This is a large linen Italian design sofa and the new covers cost several thousand euros. Within two days of supplying the quote - airbnb agreed the full reimbursement and two days later they have processed the payment.
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how hasslefree the whole process was.


I’m very glad to hear this result.

But more pressing matters are at hand: Can you please confirm that your Villa has bougainvillea and an estate manager named Arturo? :wink:


Not sure I get your point.

He’s trying to be funny :slight_smile: :frowning: using an in-joke from another thread.

If I was a host like you who only pops in one or twice I too would be confused.

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I apologize. Yes I was having a little fun.

Backstory: There was a post awhile back where many suggested what they envision a Villa to be. The most literary of all the posts were by @Icklemiss

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So, someone has seen Arturo then?! You must tell me at once! Is he cavorting with loose women at this new villa? Who is this LynDylan? What does she know of passion and danger in the villas?!

It is so Arturo to spill the wine.

(Sorry @Lyndylan It’s your fault for having a villa, really! :slight_smile: Glad you had a good experience to share! That is fantastic!)