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Gifts from Guests

We’ve received gifts quite a few times from Airbnb guests. Have you?

Some of the things we’ve received:

  • Wine
  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Books—one by a self-published author and two from a frequent guest who knows my taste in reading
  • A vase—a strange vase, but a vase
  • Maple syrup
  • Candle
  • Decorative carafe—really ugly
  • Food for us to have a romantic anniversary dinner!
  • Money

Some of them have been gift-wrapped or in gift bags.


I’ve only received a couple of rocks. They are hand-painted river rocks intended to be decorations for the flower garden. One rock was painted to look like a ladybug, the other rock was chipped and had been painted to look like a chipped M&M candy.

Edit, found the picture I took of the rocks when I found them. The guests were in a club that paints rocks and leaves them for people to find. I think the club is based in Sacramento, CA.


Rebecca, would love to see a picture of the ugly carafe : )


I had a very nice couple from the Rhone valley this summer who were surprised to find wine from a winery 2km away from their house at our local bottle shop and gave me a bottle as a departure gift!


My rental in Costa Rica had a paint set for the river rocks. It was cool seeing what people had done.


Gift card from Petsmart.
Some soap bubbles for the dogs.
I’ve been taken to dinner.
Gift set with computer mouse, pen, business card holder

All of those are from people who stayed more than one night or have stayed multiple times.

The things I actually appreciate most are the xmas cards and the folks who messaged me after the shooting to say they were thinking of me; you can’t buy that stuff.


I think this was addressed in a previous thread but it’s always good to see the positive side of Airbnb hosting. I have received so many wonderful gifts; gift cards, wine, paintings, wind chimes, flowers, food, and so on. As I have four pugs, many times guests come bearing gifts in advance for them. One guest who came in October was so in love with my younger two, small pugs she went out and bought them bumble bee Halloween costumes. I also greatly appreciate the holiday cards and calls I receive from previous guests. During hurricanes, I have more Airbnb guests check on me than family!


Oh EM GEE. That is so freakin cute!


Pretty charming, @Brian_R170.

Nice idea—the paint set and river rocks.

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They’re adorable in their costumes!

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Sadly, it went to live at Goodwill. It might die there, too.


That’s fun. Like the yarn-bombers :slight_smile:

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Nothing dies at Goodwill. If it hasn’t sold after 6 weeks, it goes to an outlet. Have you ever been to one of their outlets? Stuff gets pushed out in huge bins and people rush them - wearing gloves, pushing each other and everything. It’s hardcore. Everything is sold by the pound! I highly recommend if only for the atmosphere.


Elaborate thank-you notes.



Homemade pie.


Cash tips.

Linen scarf.

Fancy dish towels.

Seeds for the garden.

Music CD of their band’s music.



A bouncy ball that lights up when it bounces.

Homemade pickles.

And we had one local couple stay while their bathroom was being renovated and they brought us a pickup-load of mirrors, art, dishes and small furniture for the other units we were working on at the time.

And hair. A whole lot of hairs. Or, maybe they were left by accident :wink:


40.00 bucks usd
a Red Tin of Chinese tea.


When I went back home last month, I finally got to meet most all of my neighbors in a little get together that they threw. I was told by more than one person that they loved check-out days at our house because my caretaker randomly drops off gifts of any left behind wine or beer. Must happen quite often because my neighbors were really nice to me! Ha!


I forgot to mention that many international guests have left us a coin or two from their country.

We have a basket on our coffee table that has a mini coin collection: coins that guests have left as well as my husband’s little collection of about a dozen 1 oz silver coins from different countries. Oh, and one riyal (paper money), left by a Saudi guest, worth about 26 cents.

Guests find them interesting. They pick up and look at coins. No one has stolen anything.

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Where and which is your property I would like to look at it and possibly stay it sounds awesome.
Thanks Siobhan

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@Siobhan_Farnsworth, are you asking me? If so, you can see the link to our two listings in my profile on this forum.

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