Giant Infants need to be charged

I wish AirBnB would limit the number of infants in a group that are free or start charging for them as they make more mess than adults. I have a large group arrive and it was filled with 5 giant infants that left hell of a mess.

which is why I only allow children over 12


“Not appropriate for infants or children”. Tick the box.


I have a NO “giant baby” house rule


I don’t allow children. Listing is for 2 and I state that the pool and canal are safety issues for any child under 18. I skirt the Air rule about that.

Ticked from Day 1.


No parent would refer to their almost 2 year old toddler as an “infant” unless it meant they didn’t have to pay for them.
Whoever at Airbnb came up with those age designations is obviously childless and doesn’t have a clue that a babe in arms, not yet mobile on their own, can’t cause damage, but a 2 year old can cause a lot.
The age designations should be:
0- toddler (walking)


You must not have had anyone change a baby on your velvet couch then :wink:

Also, they make a buttload of noise. Any guest that makes that much racket should pay to stay.

But, I do agree with your age range designations. However, any warm body should pay and be counted as a guest.


I like children, I mean I was even one myself a long time ago. I also have two very nice adult daughters, who were both children a number of years ago.

But in our apartments, no feckin way. Horrible little things who leave a trail of havoc and destruction in their wake.



No, I haven’t. Don’t have a velvet couch and only host solo guests :slight_smile:

What I meant was that a baby who isn’t yet mobile on their own can’t themselves cause any damage. They can’t scribble on the walls, pull things down that they shouldn’t be touching, pull their own diaper off and pee on the floor or the bed, can’t walk around dropping food bits or wiping their sticky hands on things.

So as long as the parents are respectful and don’t do things like change the baby on the bed without protection, just having a baby doesn’t up the chances of damage.

Of course, crying is another thing altogether. Some babies cry a lot, some hardly at all. My daughter came to stay for a week with her 4 month old. My doors and windows are always open, but my closest neighbor was surprised when she realized there was a baby here- she said she never heard her cry. That baby does hardly cry and when she does, it isn’t loud- not one of those skreetchers.

But I can certainly understand that many hosts don’t want to have babies or children at all.

I allow kids in my 3 bedroom cabin, a 3 year old is coming the end of the month. I will put away what is breakable and hope for the best. Then use a flashlight on the walls at toddler height to look for boogers, and I say this because it happened.



It was the toddler shit on the bathroom wall that was my tipping point.



This is a parent problem. The parents should have cleaned it up. Disgusting pigs.



Agree 100%. But I still had to scrape it off then get the paint out!



How about this one?


The worst rental mess I had to clean was a 90 day Rental to a family with a toddler. EVERYTHING toddler height was sticky in a 3 BR 2ba condo It seemed like jelly.

I raised 3 kids and it’s a pet peeve- parents who let their kids walk around with food or don’t wash their hands after they eat. There’s zero need for that- it’s lazy parenting. My kids ate at the table or they didn’t eat.


I am a bit more lax, the only two rooms we eat in (parents included) are the kitchen and dining room.

I do sneak ice cream to the bedroom from time to time though…

Bad daddy


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As @JJD noted, I tick the box for “not appropriate for infants or children”. Our house is over 100 years old, with non standard railing heights, walkable 2nd story ledges, no fenced back yard and we are on the main street through town with lots of automobile traffic (25 mph road.) None of my furniture or TV is attached to the walls and we have some glass tables. We also have all wood floors, including the stairs, which can be slippery for a child in socks.

A few years ago I had a woman who wanted to book w/ 2 younger children. She told me they were well behaved (aren’t they all!) and after I explained the pit falls of the house, she told me that they lived in a 100 yo home and her kids were use to it. They were fabulous guests and afterwards I asked if I should be so concerned about the safety of the home and allowing children and she said “Your concerns are very well founded, you should not allow children.”

We had one couple who had a “non-moving” infant, so I agreed to their booking. The immobile infant was a 30# toddler. My cleaners said there were finger prints over everything in a 2ft high level.

Despite my litany of dangers, I still have guests w/ young children who want to book. I have been listing all of the dangers, then have them confirm that they are OK w/ exposing their children to this environment. Oftentimes the requested dates are miraculously booked on another platform while awaiting a reply.

They also make a buttload of poo! We have weekly garbage pick up and I can’t imagine the stench of dirty diapers at the end of the week during summer months.


I had similar but different experience. Inquiry for 1 guest. She mentioned “we” and explained that we included husband a 3 yr old and 1 yr old.

I explained 2 guests max including children.

She told me infants were free and allowed by Airbnb, 2 people max made no sense, and she was going to book and All stay.

I declined the reservation.


We charge per person. Infants make more mess than adults!!