Getting more than a little freaked out by the new Performance metric

We are now being compared to average host metrics for nights booked, etc. It’s a way of measuring our performance against “market performance”. A not so gentle nudge to book more through Air (and not book direct, or through the other platforms.)

It’s a matter of time before this becomes a requirement. You can’t just book 10 nights a year and achieve SH. You need to keep up with the Joneses.

Any thoughts?

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A not so gentle nudge to book more through Air (and not book direct, or through the other platforms.)

The benefit of diversification of listing platforms outweigh the benefits of Super Ho.



Bite your tongue. Being a ho is legal in Canada! But I am inclined to agree about multiple streams. That jump back in October was quantum and it affected a lot of genuinely good hosts. Now every booking puts you at risk.

I did quite well with direct books over the last 6 months and they are a big part of my business now. But Air keeps upping the ante. Items like PERFORMANCE sniffs a lot like KPI’s. And for that I may as well go back to corporate; no toilet cleaning there!

ho ho ho!

What am I missing? I have always seen the comparison- like my 5☆ compared to other hosts like me at 4.9☆ etc. Is there something new I haven’t seen?

Where can you see this metric?

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When I go to the dashboard it is identified as a new parameter. We have had performance as an item over the past year but now it’s a category. In it it specifically it lists your actual bookings per night against “market average”. So you can see your actual against everyone else.

I can see this becoming a goal. It makes sense on many levels to Air, but it’s an added pressure and quite frankly not what I signed on for.

Maybe it doesn’t apply to me because I’m relatively new, but I don’t see “Performance” anywhere. Can you be more specific of where you see this, and are you using mobile app, desktop website, etc.?

I see it on the mobile. It just popped up yesterday.

I don’t see anything on my website or phone app. Can you show screenshot?

I can see it on website but no way to compare to others other than for rates.

I’m not technically savvy. However it displays your bookings by night per listing and compares it to market average. The timeline is not defined.

This isn’t ringing any bells so far with other hosts so maybe it’s a test. But it’s a little too analytical for someone renting rooms

On my screen I can set whatever calendar range I want to see those. I don’t see is it as a way for air to necessarily compare you with other hosts but for you as a way to see but others rates are so that you can be more competitive.

This compares your listing’s bookings per night against other listings. The key is “bookings per night”.

Theres a drop down to see both.

I spent many years working in the hospitality world these are actually great tools to have. It shows how you can potentially increase your bookings by finagling your rate. Last month I only had 6 days empty and this month I have a total of 11 nights still unbooked. I know my rate is very competitive with those around me. It is easier than logging in to see who has openings on one specific night and what their rates potentially are

Hi. Actually thats not it; sorry

I can’t find this metric anywhere. I also read on the community forum that you could see a breakdown of what guests listed as “missing” (a host was losing her mind because guests had said soap was missing when she provided everything).
I can’t find any of that information anywhere. Is it only on the app?

I’m thinking that I don’t really care but for the first time in 6 years my bookings are precisely zero for next month. So anything that can help me…

Been dinged on no bar soap - body wash and hand wash in every bathroom.
On photos - because they don’t show how old it is ( from Asian guests)

MissSwan, can’t speak for everybody, but I know a number of hosts who are considering alternate channels.

Air seems to be upping their criteria quite a bit and it was a big blow to hosts in October when the SH criteria changed. Personally during the slow season I did a lot of business with direct bookings, thereby avoiding a number of encumbrances.

So it makes sense that Air would consider the number of nights you book as well. But it’s not for the casual mom and pop listing, which I suspect is core.

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Are you thinking that they’re going to use your rates and overall number of nights booked in comparison to others as a way to judge super-host status? That’s not how I’m taking what I am seeing at all.