Getting more than a little freaked out by the new Performance metric

Yes, Miss Swan, that is indeed how I took it.

Oooooh got ya. I doubt that that will happen. Each listing is so different that bnb it can be hard to compare. My rates may be lower than others but I am not offering a whole house in the city or a beach front cabin etc etc. Again- I spent many years working at hotels and true b&bs. Part of the routine was to call comparable facilities to get rates so we could compare and edit to stay competitive. It is really just a tool since we all know smart pricing is a joke. Even the bit where it says “people looked at your listing but booked for about $2 cheaper” is bs.


Today is the first day that the “Market Performance” tab has appeared in my listing and I’m a little confused; I hope my more experienced fellow hosts can clarify what my listing is being compared to – is it to other listings in my area or the entire U.S. or what? I found the analytics really interesting and made me feel good that I’m doing pretty well compared to other hosts, but can I trust the metrics or is it misguided?