Furniture + decoration opinions please :)

Hello wise people I’m looking for your opinions for refurbishment/redecoration of my airbnb(entire place). The living room/dining room is big compared to other two-bedroom apartments in the UK. For now, the space is not taken advantage of. In the living room I have 2 leather sofas and in the dining room there is a round table with 4 chairs.

What do you think of getting rid of the kitchen table and replace with this?

The apartment is usually booked for 4-6 guests.

A new addition will be a smart TV but with no channels. So it can only be used to watch through internet or they can sign in to netflix or prime. My goal is to increase occupancy in the slow months (now). What other amenities can I add to attract people who come for work/conferences/day trips??

Also which wall clock do you prefer?

Last one: do you use art or pictures showing your city or you think it’s “too much”?

Appreciate any help!!!

I’d prefer the Clock #1
The center of the pictures and clock should be at eye level.
The corner seating area is nice! Not sure if that plant might tangle a hairdo…
I prefer art or arty location photos, you could use larger, or a grouping, the walls look a little empty right now.

Sorry my mistake the picture of the bench-table is from the online shop so the plants etc are not mine. I’ve not ordered it yet just wanted to be 100% sure and wanted a final push

Personally I’m not a fan of those corner benches. First I don’t think it’s stylish and second it’s not comfortable. I like a padded seat and a back to the chair. If I were furnishing I’d be looking for a metal chair with an upholstered (cloth or vinyl) seat that I could re-cover easily myself. I’d also be keen to find something easy to dust.

I like clock #1 unless you are going for a kitchy or retro diner look. Clock 1 is more modern. Clock 2 goes with the corner diner furniture I don’t like. Without knowing what your overall place looks like it’s hard to say though. I have some graphic design posters advertising my city in my one room suite.

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Thanks for your input @KKC I was going to add padded seats on the bench. This is the space right now

Picture doesn’t do much justice there is more space from where Im taking the picture.

Is the radiator going to be in way? I assume you’ve measured everything. It looks like a fairly modern space so I’m still not that enthused with the country-ness of the banquette. I like these better, esp the one with cushions



Unless you are worried about stains, an upholstered Banquette is more in style currently.

Something like this, with a table, and chairs on other side.

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I used to have a booth growing up and hated it. You’re trapped and to get out, everyone needs to move unless you’re sitting at the end. I personally prefer a table for six, perhaps a round glass top table would fit nicely in that corner. Glass visually takes up less visual space than a wooden table. As for the clock, if I were in the UK , I would love a Big Ben clock on the wall. As for art work, how about nostalgic pictures of the Beatles and everbody’s favorite princess, Princess Diana and maybe even a picture of the London bridge and Harrods.

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I’m not a big fan of the corner bench setups, either. The very first time I tried one was in a rental house in Saas Fee Switzerland in the mid 90’s. At first, I thought it was kind of cozy and made really efficient use of the space (and these are both true), plus the bench seats lifted up and had quite a bit storage underneath. I actually told my wife we should look for one back in the US. However, after a week I realized that the table was too small for the number of seats, it was inconvenient for people to get in and out from the corner side, and something about the large flat bench surfaces made people put their stuff on them all the time, which always had to be moved just to sit down.

@KKC no the radiator wouldnt be in the way. I love the one with the cushion is that a US website or UK? I’ve searched and found nothing cushioned. And yes I was thinking of the white version too so thats an option.

@Brandt yes I’m very worried about stains. The banquette is very nice but the total cost for doing that would be too much.

Thank you @Ritz3 I’ve not thought of the practicality that much but to be honest all my reservations have been for maximum 7 days and most for only one night so I dont think it would bother them too much.
I don’t want to have anything from London as its too cliche and most of my guests are actually British so I imagine them saying “what is Big Ben doing in Liverpool?” :joy: will definitely buy a Beatles frame.


Thanks for your input @Brian_R170. Usually glass dining tables come with leather chairs and it would be a nightmare in terms of possible damages.
When I first seen the corner dining table I thought it’d be cosy and welcoming for more people to book. Just wanted something unusual that stands out from typical apartments in the area.

Sorry that’s a US website.

Just found this:

@Gem20 Gemma, the sofa and table are nice enough, don’t start spending money. I’d suggest changing the rug under the coffee table, and, like someone else suggested, get a glass-top dining table. As for art, please don’t get anything small and cute, instead, get a large framed poster or some other sizable art. Believe it or not, guests have removed the clock in one of my apartments because of its ticking at night. As for the corner bench chair/table, just don’t do it.

I like the way it looks now. Do you have any interest in a sofa-bed so you can host more guests?

1st clock. No on the new table. I agree it is just not very stylish and uncomfortable. If I had your current set I would repaint and reupholster it. Much cheaper way to upgrade plus you can make it match any particular aesthetic you’d like

Thanks @MissMiami. I need the dining table to be for 6 people. So either way I am going to spend money. Do you think glass table only goes with leather dining chairs? Thats what I have in my mind.
The small beatles frame is for decoration on the TV stand. I’ll get a silent clock noted :joy:

Yes @Arlene_Larsson that was one of the reasons for the corner table. To have more space for a day bed. At the moment extra guests sleep on folding beds in the rooms but I feel its a bit crowded.

Thanks @MissSwan I had a look on reupholstering. The padded seats on my chairs need changing 100%. The current set up doesn’t allow 6 guests on the dining table though and I’m not sure I can find the same chairs just to add 2 more. Most videos in reupholster also paint the furniture do you think its a good idea?

Only say paint because the photo you posted shows SO much wood that is all the same color. IMO it washes everything out and then my eyes get drawn to big dark couches. New chair foam is easy and can be purchased at walmart. Fabric too. Having 2 chairs not be same style but match is absolutely ok!

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Well to put in my 2 cents, I would reupholster the current dining chair seats, paint the coffee table and purchase a new rug and accent pillows.


Don’t you find that some guests seem to think that London IS England? I’ve found for years that many foreigners just don’t realise that there really are places in England that aren’t London. (Hence the question I’ve been asked a lot here when I say I’m from England “I have a cousin who lives in London - I wonder if you know her?” Oh yeah, England is so tiny that we all know each other and let’s ignore the fact that I’m from a place 200 miles from London. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if I was in England (and could tolerate the cold, which I can’t) Liverpool would be one of the places I’d love to live in and be a host. There’s so much for guests to do (apart from the Beatles memorabilia) and so many great events. Being from the other side of the hills I shouldn’t say this, but Liverpool is a very fabulous place.