Finding an airbnb cleaner

Has anyone had to go through a few cleaners for your place before finding the right one?

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Yes… :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I am finding this is my third cleaner I am trialing. So far, this cleaner seems like it would work out.

Yes - I’m on my third cleaner too.

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Nope – Do It Myself.

There is really something to be said about doing your own cleaning.

It is always done to your specifications. You never have to wonder if something important was overlooked. You know the condition of the place when you left and you don’t have to search for a replacement because someone quit or you were unhappy with their work.

Not everyone is available to do their own cleaning and others certainly don’t want to do it, but I am happy we do ours!


I’m the cleaner in my own place but co-host another large property. I’m about to start looking for someone for the summer season. The key thing is not to undervalue their work. Call them a housekeeper, if necessary. You want someone who actually cares about your place or, at least, gets paid more for taking good care of it.

It’s like anything - you get what you pay for / you get what you put it.


yes, treating people with respect is for sure important anywhere in life. I also believe in encouraging the positives and appreciating people’s work. Every job is important. Unfortunately, sometimes people may not follow through with expectations after awhile when noticed, respectfully pointed out and given constructive feedback. Even when paid well. That seems to be a part of life sometimes no matter how kind one is.

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that is awesome and so true! wish i could do the same but work very long hours outside of airbnb. it is great you are able to do so. you do have good points:)

Before I converted one of my listings to long term only I was working with my 3rd housekeeper.

She cleaned another Airbnb listing in my area. The other owner had spent time with her explaining the expectations guests have. I worked with her the first time and assisted in cleaning so we talked about my need for her to be my eyes for damages & missing things. She was doing an excellent job but then I changed my business.

Points being: 1. Not uncommon to work with more than person before finding the right person. 2. Cleaning an Airbnb rental differs from the usual housecleaning (eg. refrigerator, laundry, no stains ) 3. It helps to work with the cleaner the first time or 2

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I do clean many of the change-overs but have a cleaner come in once a month to do a really deep cleaning and also when I can’t be around to do a change-over. It’s invaluable so that I can have a life too.

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Yes, it is difficult to find a good cleaner. Here are a few tips that might help.

  1. Have a detailed checklist! Things that are obvious to you might not be to others.
  2. Include photos of the finished product. An Airbnb cleaner is part cleaner, part stager. If they’re cleaning a lot of properties this makes it easy for them to remember, for instance, that you want 2 bath towels double folded on the bottom rack and a stack of 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths to the right. (I will say a really great cleaner takes their own photos and notes but it’s such an easy thing to do for them)
  3. Inspect and give feedback and a chance to do better.
  4. After a time a lengthy checklist won’t be used. Make a shorter checklist with the key items and the things you’ve noticed seem to get missed.
  5. Insist they use the checklist and double check their work before they leave. We have hardwoods so they double check, then mop themselves out.
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Oh yes, never ending story… You as a host are as good as your cleaner.

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If found my cleaner through an agency then going direct. This can be nice as you can pay the same amount to the cleaner as you were to the company, but they obviously get more now as the company takes a cut.

She is more likely now also to go above and beyond as I’m a more profitable cleaning booking for her.

I had experience trying to get a once-a-week cleaner for my own house the few times when I worked crazy long hours and my wife needed extra help. Those experiences made me decide to do it myself. There is just no way I could depend on cleaners to come in a small window of time on arbitrary days of the week to clean an entire 4-bed/2-bath house and do a good job at it. My wife and two teenage sons sometimes help and we always spend 3-4 person-hours cleaning and prepping, not including laundry.

Indeed. After our wonderful cleaner left (yeah, thanks Brexit) I thought I’d found someone almost as good. Started off ok but she was so over-stretched cleaning multiple airbnbs that standards slipped. Tipping point was when I checked guests in and could see the floors hadn’t been vacuumed at all. She swore blind that she’d done it but hey lady, I’m not stupid.

There is no satisfactory answer to your question, unfortunately, other than yes, you need to go through a lot of people in order to find the right one. A bit like marriage :smile:

If you ever find the magic formula - don’t share it! You could make a fortune …

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Hi everyone! I am my own cleaner and also provide support to local hosts. I am super meticulous about the service I do for others, as I fully understand how important presentation of the units is on my own feet and know how hurtful and damaging a bad review could be to your listing. If there is anyone looking for help in Sherman Oaks, CA., please look for me on Facebook or insta Zenia Gonzalez

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@Zenita_Sarylinda_Gon please move to Phoenix, southeast valley. :smile:


I have been cleaning airbnb homes for a few years now. The key is definately to hire someone with experience in this type of cleaning. And when you find a good one, involve them on a more personal level either with bonuses on getting perfect reviews or some kind of incentive to get them passionate about quality of work they do.

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I got someone I trust (a relative) to do cleanings and pay her well to make it worth her time.

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