Excessive coffee consumption?

Thought I’d give you a break from 24/7 host COVID posts

I just finished restocking all of the consumables that I supply in preparation for my guests checking in tonight. Before the previous guest checked-in, I topped off the 1 pound canister in the kitchen, so it was full. There was a 45oz can in the pantry about 2/3 full as well as a 37oz can about 2/3 full (left by a previous guest a month ago). After the guest left, the 45oz can was gone, the 37oz can was 1/3 full, and the canister in the kitchen was half full.

Obviously, it’s not an exact measurement, but that’s close to 3 pounds of ground coffee consumed! Can 5 people actually drink that much in 4 days?

They came for a wedding and all of the activities besides the wedding itself were cancelled. I kinda think they must’ve taken the 45oz can to a local family/friend’s house.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled COVID posting.

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I suppose it depends on your definition of “excessive”.

My parents had a 32 cup percolator coffee pot for many years and between the two of them would drink 2, 32 cup pots per day. My Mom would make the first pot when she got up to get my Dad off to work. They’d have a few cups before he left. He’d take a thermos, and she’d finish off that pot during the day. She’d start a second pot so it would be fresh we he got home from work, and they’d finish that pot before bed-time.

Still, I suppose your guests did “borrow” that 45oz can…

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In the days when I used to drink coffee, I would drink a full pot before my then other half even got out of bed - and he wasn’t a lazy bloke. However, this was when I had the B & B so it was possibly the pressures of in-home hosting. :rofl:


[quote=“Brian_R170, post:1, topic:41147”]
Can 5 people actually drink that much in 4 days?

Yes, I think 5 people can use a lot of coffee.

I can slurp down a pot a day. (5people = 5 pots.

Also I have friends who use 2x grounds as I do to brew drip coffee.

3 of us blazed through 2 lbs in 3 days. There were late nights and getting up early to visit & chat

OK, I feel better. I’m not a coffee drinker. According to the labels on the cans, that much ground coffee would make around 250 6oz cups. I have 16oz mugs in my listing and that would make about 5 mugs per person per day.

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The only thing my last guest took was the hand sanitizer, and it wasn’t a tiny bottle – oops, back to COVID-19, sorry!

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I’m a coffee drinker, and I drink a “4 cup” Bodum-full a day (it’s not really 4 cups, it fills what I consider to be a normal-size coffee mug twice). I like strong coffee, so I use quite a bit for each pot. A pound of coffee lasts me about 3 weeks.
Either your guests were 4-cup a dayers (all 5 of them), which is certainly possible, or they made off with some.
Also, if you aren’t a coffee-drinker yourself, you may be providing not-so-great coffee, simply because you don’t know the dif. If I’m stuck with not-so-good quality coffee, I end up using twice as much to make a pot in order to derive any taste from it.

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I thought of this too! If it’s not great coffee, they probably used more of it than you’d expect.

Some guests drink alooooot , some nothing. It evens out. I doesn’t bother me in the long run.

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Oh I can drink that ezpz


Good lord! Did…did they visibly vibrate?

2 Cups of strong coffee and I am wired for hours.

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LOL. That’s barely bigger than European espresso cup sizes.

I agree it’s a good bit of coffee but not so much that they have to have taken some with them. Still, under current conditions I advise not leaving extras around and let guests know that their comfort is paramount and if they need anything let you know and you’ll bring it right over. (BTW, I’m still annoyed that I had to spend one second worrying about if we had enough TP in the Boston rental we had last summer. If someone spent $5000 plus to stay at my house and messaged me saying they couldn’t find the spare supply I’d be sending a courier over with more faster than they could hit the reply button.

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Well, I asked 5 coffee drinkers what was good and got 5 different answers and all of them poo-poo-ed the other 4. :wink:

Seriously, though, this is what I buy:


Dunkin donuts. Yes, it is popular with some but it is very very weak coffee. A lot has to be used to make strong coffee. When I worked in Boston, we had a Mr. Coffee type coffee-maker, just the regular one, 12 cups or whatever. It took half a bag of the Dunkin Donuts to make normal tasting coffee for one pot.

Cafe Bustelo is inexpensive and better and will last longer. I lived with a house full of Italians in L.A. that had at least 15 coffee makers between them and they swore by it. We use it in our apartments and every 2nd guest wants to know what it is because it’s so good :wink:

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I love Cafe Bustelo. Or, I did when I drank coffee. 2nd that recommendation. It has a fantastic flavor, don’t let the low price fool ya.

Edit: also love that it still comes in a tin can. Those things are handy, and can be refilled from the mylar packages when you find those on sale.

This topic got me scurrying off to the pantry! We use Lavazz Crema e Aroma beans in our De’Longhi bean to cup machine and they are impossible to buy here. We usually buy 10kg (10x1kg) at a time through Amazon, either from Germany or Italy.

Phew. 5kg left.

Out of curiosity I had a quick look on Amazon. Six weeks ago, around €11 per kilo, now €14.27 per kilo is cheapest, with most around the €20 mark. Bugger.


I know coworkers that drink coffee all day. I personally can only stomach one cup a day but there are people that drink it as if it were water. They could have been making it really strong as well. If they were staying for a few days, it’s possible that they just drank almost all of the coffee in the home.

I loved Catunambu. I brought about 4 lbs of whole beans home with me when I left the country.

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I drink Catunambu all the time out and about, but for some reason it comes out slightly bitter in our machine. We’ve on our second De’Longhi bean to cup machine, and have tried a multitude of beans over the years, the ones that suit both the machine and our palate have always been Lavazza.

It’s a pity, I can get Catunambu for about €7 per kg, or slightly less if I buy in bulk.


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That would be me…but only until noon

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