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Entitled kid whining


I have to admit that at first I was a little shocked by the latter part of @Louise’s response, but then realized that he didn’t “really” apologize. He didn’t win. He didn’t get his own way. In order to not lose any money he chose to keep the booking but blame @Louise for not explaining Airbnb to him. Really?? He is still being an entitled jerk.

An apology that says “I’m sorry, but… (fill in anything here)” is not an apology.

So in the end, since she has to endure him for the weekend after making her life difficult by lying to Airbnb, I think her tough response is justified. Louise clearly laid out what was expected of this guy since he himself states that he needs everything explained to him… he just got what he’s asking for!

Now that @Louise has taken control of the situation hopefully they can start on new ground, and maybe he’s even learned a lesson that he obviously wasn’t taught. This guy need to GROW UP and take responsibility.


Here is the "apology"
Hi louise
I’m sorry if you were uncomfortable, but you just told me host are not allow to cancel, which is not true and you did not even explain about any of the penalties, it is my first time using the airbnb I did not know anything about that when host are cancel the trip they need to pay penalties. so I’m sorry about the rudess. if I knew, I would have find the better way.

after all I talked to my friends, we are just keep the trip as it is.


Maybe something got lost in translation? Perhaps you should have said that you cannot cancel the reservation “without penalty”.

But that is really beside the point anyway. The onus is on him to read your cancellation policy and know what “strict” means.

Please give us details when his stay is done!


If they are rich, they generally don’t need scholarships. My son just finished a year on scholarship in Japan and we are by no means rich.

To not “get” Airbnb and expect the host to explain and then get angry when they don’t is a big red flag. It’s a technicality but hosts can’t cancel without penalty… It’s the same thing as not being able to cancel.

There’s nothing about this “apology” that is at all conciliatory.

Louise, I know you made your decision but I would feel super uncomfortable with this reservation. There are already a number of reasons why it’s laden with not just one but several red flags…

After having recently spent nine long nights in a grueling countdown until checkout on bad guests, the money is nice but not worth your peace of mind.


I appreciate your concern. I’ve just come in from tidying garden chairs to find that last weekend guests put a big nail in one of my trees in order to hang a hammock. It won’t kill the tree, as I’ve tapped it for maple syrup, but they didn’t know that. I had to explain that the four foot high and wide boulders on the edge of the driveway are there to indicate that the lawn isn’t a parking spot. My septic bed is under the lawn! Guy managed to drive thru two of them for an unknown reason, as there was room to park four cars on the driveway, with only my car off to the side in a fifth spot. They used paper and plastic dishes and cutlery instead of the real stuff that I provide, including plastic dishes for outdoors. I had to sort all the garbage at the dump a the foam dishes couldn’t go in recycling.


Omg… do you sometimes wonder why in the hell we do this??? Oh yeah. The cash… the cold hard cash.

The unmitigated gall of someone who would hammer a nail in someone’s tree!!!
Just not even ask. Just do that?! Hang their own hammock and injure a tree in the process?! What in gods green earth would possess someone to do such a thing!!!

!! I’m speechless!


Sigh, just returned from one of mine, blocked sewer. Plumber advises some toy has been shoved down the toilet and flushed. Current guests very understanding… But another reason not to allow young children!


I would have moved to put it all behind me and the guest. Chalk it up to a lack of understanding and miscommunication. Make the guest feel welcome and see what I make of it all once I met the guest personally. For me it’s always turned out well. I think if you have a tone of scolding or lecturing you might find the guest retaliating with a bad review as opposed to being grateful for being graceful under the circumstances.


I agree with you that he sounds a bit aggressive and too much work for a host, that’s why if it was me I wouldn’t bother with hosting him. I kind of predict not so good review.
Also want to add that he is pretty clear that he is clueless of how Air works with penalties and cancelations. Also he is very precise about details. I am this way too and I would also detect a “mistake” when you said you "can not cancel ". I like when I am explained nicely and if a host takes time to explain I appreciate it. I just spent literally 2 days extra "explaining"to one group from my home country that wanted to book New Years week.
Their first time on Air and you should here the questions. But I thought for 450$ a day I better work a little😀


With some of the personality types you will get and do get as a host I’d be concerned about a passive/aggressive type that acts out in small ways that might not be detectable at first. Like running the water all the time to run up your water bill. Or is irritated enough throughout the stay that they can’t wait to write a bad review. Sure, I get angry when dealing with these situations and I have to remind myself of what my goal is. For me it’s a guest who arrives happy and leaves happy. I get good reviews, they have an enjoyable stay. For the most part it’s always worked out that way even when it didn’t seem to start off so well.


There is still time to cancel this kid!!! If he ends up being a perfect angel I will be pretty surprised.


You might be right, but honestly, from my experience with dealing with this kind of people (not just guests), they won’t respect you until you bare some teeth. The guy sounds exactly like that from his messages. He thinks that he holds all the power and he tried the method of “The best defense is a good offense”. In the case she wants to keep this reservation, this was exactly the way to go. The chances of getting a bad review after this sort of reaction are actually lower than if she pretended as nothing happened.


This is true in my experience, sad to say. Being a host has made me realise how much we are still animals essentially! You have to make sure that guests know that, while they are welcome, it is YOUR territory and if they stray then teeth will be bared (excellent phrase! @Inna). I am currently dealing with a guest who thinks it’s ok to re-arrange things in my bathroom and kitchen (I have a shared place). She saw my fangs today. What’s that phrase? A lion’s smile or something? It’s extraordinary to me that anyone would think it acceptable to be a guest in someone’s house and behave as if they are taking over. Lion paw SMACK is what you get!!


I had a new booking come on dates that I didn’t expect to be booked,which reduces some of the financial pressure. So, I’ve written this to the brat.

I’ve been thinking about your stay and I’m concerned that you really don’t understand Airbnb. The other concern I have is that you think rules don’t apply to you. My peace of mind and home are more important than the money I would earn from your stay, I will contact Airnb in the morning and advise them that I will allow you to cancel your stay without financial penalty.
Thankfully, there are many people who want to stay here who respect others and understand what a commitment means.



Now he will tell you that he is not going to cancel.
I can’t imagine ending up hosting someone who already caused me so much frustration without even entering the house.
What will you do if he says, no, I want to keep my reservations?


Hmm. I might have written to Air first. You just showed all your cards …which could backfire on you in case he doesn’t want to cancel.


If you are on strict policy, you chose to do so for a reason. If he cancels, he loses 50%. So I wonder - why spend any more time on this? Everything is crystal clear, always has been, right from the start.

As has been said before, if there was a tragic accident, or a close relative dying, I would make an exception from this rule, but this is clearly not the case here.


Grrrrrrrrrr!!! (cat sound) :pouting_cat:


Uhhh this leaves you with only one choice as I highly doubt that he’ll wanna lose 50%


He’s off my calendar, Airnb sorted it and apologized for brats behaviour. Another reason why I did this, is that he didn’t respond to my message re my expectations for his stay.