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Double or single bowl? I’d like to hear your thoughts!

This isn’t exactly hosting related, but y’all aren’t shy about offering your opinions on things, so I thought I’d consult the hive….

I’m renovating a kitchen in a house I’m going to be selling very soon. The house was built in 1935 so the kitchen layout isn’t optimal and counter space is limited. I’m putting in a hammered copper sink and cherry butcher block counters. The question is about the sink….

Double bowl or single bowl???

There’s a dishwasher next to the sink so no real need for a double sink for washing dishes. I prefer a single bowl of 25 inches (to preserve a little more counter space, and I just like single bowl sinks better personally). I could put in a double sink of 33 inches.

What do y’all think? I just want opinions on double or single bowls. Please don’t gift me with opinions on hammered copper or cherry butcher block counters. :joy: First of all, the counters have already been purchased. Secondly, I’m dead set on a copper sink.

But should I get a single bowl or a slightly larger double bowl?…

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Single bowl. Then it’s big enough for those dishes that are too big for the dishwasher. And you have more counter space. That’s a win-win to me!

Single. With an energy-efficient dishwasher, that should be ample.

Single. It drives me crazy when my big pans don’t fit

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Single. I find them much more useful.

Single. You can always put in a small dishpan when needed to create two areas.

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Depends on how much your budget will allow. Personally, I like a dbl bowl, as there’s a lot of stuff I don’t put in the dishwasher. Just my humble opinion…

If you’re putting in a garbage disposal, go with a double bowl sink. Otherwise, the single bowl.

My mother has an asymmetrical and narrow double-bowl sink that is great. Small shallow bowl with garbage disposal on the left. Larger deep bowl with drain only on the right. It works extremely well.

Something like this:

Wow, surprised to see all the single bowl advocates. Just because there’s a dishwasher doesn’t mean people don’t wash some things by hand. Do you put the pots and pans in the dishwasher? Large mixing bowls that take up a quarter of a dishwasher rack?

I had a single bowl sink for 25 years in Canada and no way I’d do that again. My pet peeve is dirty dishes sitting a single bowl sink, so if you need to use the sink, you have to take everything out.

We have doubles in home and trailer, but I like single sinks. We had a gorgeous copper farmhouse sink, for future reno in home, but MK nixxed it and we sold it , due to material difficult to keep nice.

No dishwashers here except one named MK. Happy birthday hub! You are catching up :heart_eyes:

This is why, In Europe, we have washing up bowls. Both rentals have them and if I have American guests, they don’t use them. Ever :slight_smile:

I’ve had both but prefer the single bowl. It’s easier to wash oversized pots, pans and platters.

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With a dishwasher right there, are you saying that people don’t simply put dirty dishes into the appliance that is MADE to accept dirty dishes lol? SMH


OK, I won’t make a comment about the copper bathroom sink I lived with for 3 1/2 years.

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I wasn’t referring to the dishes that can be put directly into the dishwasher. As I said, as far as I’m aware, not everything goes in the dishwasher.

You may recall my view on washing up bowls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I did use that method myself when I had a single bowl sink. But I prefer a double sink, as the washing up bowl just takes up space on the counter and needs some place to stash it when not in use, and becomes just one more thing to keep clean.

Is that what we call a dishpan?

Yes. Brits call dirty dishes “the washing up”.

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The washing-up bowl doesn’t need a place to live and it doesn’t go onto the counter either. It just lives in the sink. In my world, anyway. :slight_smile:

But my American guests think the same way as you as preparing the rental for the next guest is often a game of hunt-the-washing-up-bowl. I’ve found it stashed in all sorts of weird places.

Washing up bowls might be items to add to the duvet/electric kettle debates. :rofl:


I’m a double sink kinda chef – assymetrical so one side will take the bigger items, and with a lower bar between… We just renovated our kitchen to that design, with a tall pot faucet.

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Meaning you have to take it out if you want to use the sink for something else. And put it somewhere. The sink is already a bowl. I don’t understand the concept of putting a bowl inside a bowl.

When I said I had one when I only had a single sink, I used it for rinsing the dishes. I filled the sink with soapy water and washed the dishes there.

I guess if you’re the kind of person who jumps up and washes whatever dishes they’ve just used immediately, your method could make sense to me, but I’m a wash the dishes once a day person.

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