Do you have rules posted inside your property?

do any of you guys have rules written inside your property and if so what rules do you have , what are some common things you don’t want guests to do or want them to do ?

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I have rules in my rental agreement and online only. None in my houses.

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The property handbook is in my cottage on the desk and it includes my rules. The checkout steps, which one could call “rules,” are posted on the wall in the kitchen.


We have a short list on ABB such as no parties, no additional guests, house is not ADA compliant, etc that they have to agree to (AKA click through and ignore) before booking. At the house is a short list for checkout along with the original list.

I have a plastic folder/binder for 3-hole paper. It has 4 pages and none of them are even close to being a full page of text:

  1. House Rules (Copied from Airbnb house rules)
  2. House Manual (Collection of stuff that guests either ask about about or I can tell they don’t know. E.g. location of dish soap, laundry soap, extra garbage bags, which bins to use for recylcing and trash).
  3. Checkout Instructions (simply wash your dishes, but leave the sheets on the bed and towels in the bathrooms).
  4. WiFi Password
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I have a house manual (specifics on how to use various things in the apartment, parking, restaurants in the area, etc.), and separate check out instructions in a frame posted near the front door. I also have a brief description of “What makes a five-star Airbnb stay“ in a frame on the wall in the kitchen. But no rules.

I have a shared kitchen and bath. Kitchen rules on the fridge, sign asking to remove shoes in porch, sign saying “Life would be Really Groovy if everyone washed their dishes immediately after using them!” (it works, BTW) over the kitchen sink, Bathroom Rules (turn on fan before showering, please take personal items to your room) in bathroom.

No I don’t. I don’t have many rules and am also lucky to have adult guests.


No rules. Just a sheet of paper with WIFI password, my phone number, instructions how to use Apple TV, and a reminder of security cameras on premises.

I have a copy of my rules in the House Manual. I also have a magnetic sheet on the fridge with the checkout procedures.

Oh, and a “Thank you for not smoking” sign.

Yes! On line, in the agreement, welcome app, and posted on the fridge for them. Most people when they know the rules, don’t break them. Airbnb let’s book without actually reading the rules.

I have a list of rules posted on the refrigerator door (whole house rental). But they aren’t called rules - they are “Important Things to Know”.
The list is a single sheet with about twelve lines on it . The list includes: the WiFi network and password; key phone numbers; key safety items (no diving in the pool); and a few other items such as No smoking and don’t leave food out (open-air house in the Caribbean - food attracts bugs almost instantly!)
The idea came from konacoconutz, who sadly no longer posts on this forum.


We have a house manual where we highlight some rules. Our home is 100+ years old and still has some original plumbing, so unless is comes out of the human body or is TP, don’t flush it. We also have a non-standard heating situation, with a whole house oil burner with radiators and 2nd system for A/C - two thermostats, plus separate heat for kitchen and main bathroom. Instructions for TV, etc.

We post check-out instructions on the refrigerator, very simple - unplug small electrics you’ve used in the kitchen, check for belongings, don’t strip the beds, text or call us when you check out and lock the door behind you. We have smart locks and it’s shocking the number of people who check out and don’t lock the door.

While this is technically true (guests can book without reading the rules), hosts can require that guests acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the rules prior to booking. If you don’t get that acknowledgment, you can call and request a CBA (cancel by agent).

Except I also book with Airbnb and I just check yes sometimes. So…all I was saying is there no way to prove they read them. So posted them a fridge or leaving them on the coffee table is always a good idea. Until we posted them on the fridge and added them to our app, we had so many guest who check that they read them break multiple rules.

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There is no “checkbox“ when people book with me. They are required to affirmatively state that they have read and understand the rules, several of which have immediate cancellation with no refund as a penalty.

I have this in the bathrooms:

Please help us continue to offer this listing with no cleaning fee by:

Not using the white towels to wipe up spills or remove makeup.

Using the provided black makeup towel to remove makeup so that it does not stain white towels or sheets and pillowcases.

Do not throw white towels on the floor.

The colored towels are provided to wipe up spills, dry off the chrome in the shower or to use inside the front door when it is raining outside.

If you forgot something check the basket above the toilet, there are a some extra items that may be useful. Please don’t empty this basket in your suitcase, that’s just wrong.

Please read checkout instructions in book on table in entry before leaving.

I apologize for having to state the obvious, some people…



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Pro tip - set the smart lock to automatically lock after a few seconds, or 30 if a deadbolt. The default to your home should be a locked door…

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