Do many hosts iron the sheets and bed linen?

Just a quick question; Do many hosts iron the bed linen?
I spend quite a bit of time ironing all bed linen for Airbnb guests. Although this is time consuming I feel necessary. Like to hear peoples thoughts as to what guests expect.

God I hope not. I have never ironed a sheet in my life and I was not planning on starting…


No because I get a lot of one night guests for under $50 a night.

If I had a place at $100 and up and average bookings of several nights I probably would iron the sheets. I bought a wrinkle resistant sheet and that helps some. I also take the pillowcases and lay them flat or hang them on the line to dry so they are less wrinkled.

I’ve read that some hosts just iron the top part that is typically pulled back when guests get in the bed or that is showing when the bed is made.

Maybe raise the cleaning fee a little to make the ironing less burdensome if you feel you have the kind of listing that requires it.


No, I occasionally will use a steamer if they look terrible. I’m more concerned with the comforter.

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No, not us. We make a mean bed but will not go so far as to iron the sheets.

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We hang our sheets on a clothesline outside (Australia) and fold them while they are still warm from the sun, so they are usually crinkle free, except for fold crease. We do iron pillowcases though haha.


Unfortunately, I bought 100% cotton sheets that need ironing every time. I don’t do a great job on the bulk of the sheets but make sure the parts that show are crisp. Since some people are very sensitive to odors I don’t use starch but just sprinkle the sheets before ironing to make it a bit easier.
As sheets get replaced, I’m going for a cotton blend that won’t wrinkle as much.

We also have 100% cotton sheets and still don’t iron. :slight_smile:

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I provide high quality Egyptian cotton sheets and yes I iron them, I tell myself the ironing and cleaning are a good work out and helps keep me fit!

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Yes, I do. Only the duvet cover top and pillow cases but with Egyptian cotton sheets it does loik much crisper. I’ve bought a polycotton mix as spares but still run the steam iron over them briefly. New host syndrome perhaps? Let’s see if i’m still doing this this time next year.

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Never! I actually never iron anything. Life’s too short


I look at a lot of US sites about housework (yes, I’m that sad …) and was always puzzled about the instruction to “fold and put away laundry” as ironing never seemed to be mentioned.

Although our sheets and duvet covers are always ironed, we don’t actually do them ourselves - we are lucky enough to have a local company run by a group of Spanish ladies who pick up the clean linen and return it, nicely ironed, for a very reasonable sum.

As a guest, I’ve never knowingly encountered unironed sheets. Would I mind if I did? I’d be surprised, but I wouldn’t take away stars.

filled with joy to read a post such as this.

Things aren’t TOOOOO bad if you get them out of the drier quick enoughs!


Just like Reader we have 100% Egyptian cotton bedding and we iron the lot - it really does look so much better. We iron the fitted sheets in situ - put them on the bed and then iron - a lot easier!


As Shirley Conran once said: “life is too short to stuff a mushroom”. And IMHO it is too short to iron sheets.


Yes, but you then have to have someone around to help fold them properly. Or can you use your toes?!

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Pillow cases, yes. Sheets, no.

We iron everything, goes back to having a B&B where you don’t have a choice if you want to keep your star rating.


I want to repeat that I think it has to do with what kind of listing you have. In my modest listing with wrinkled sheets I have 99% 5 star overall and 100% 5 star for all categories except location. The OP hasn’t been back to answer that question though.

We use our own linen and have a company that cleans and irons it for us, so yes we do :smile: