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Do many hosts iron the sheets and bed linen?


I’m going for the artfully rumpled look lol


I don’t iron our cotton sheets and I’ve stayed in dozens of other entire home AIR listings and I’ve never noticed whether sheets are ironed or not. But since my unit is cleaner than most places (which I still consider 5 star) I’m gonna guess no, the places I stayed didn’t iron their sheets…

There’s an iron and ironing board in the closet, though, so if a finnicky guest needs an ironed pillowcase, they can knock themselves out.


In my more expensive listing I iron the pillowcases, in the more budget one …definitely not.


(Sorry @GutHend … it looks like you’re out of a job on this one since it’s lively with responses!) . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for me, an iron?..hmmm, I know I’ve seen one around here somewhere.


Yes, I iron everything. I think it looks and feels lovely. Having said that, I don’t mind ironing so it’s no chore :blush:


Actually, as a guest, I don’t mind too much if the sheets aren’t ironed but what I do hate is really poor quality bedlinen, some of the cheaper Ikea stuff for example. The stuff that bobbles after a couple of washes. One of my greatest pleasures at home is getting into bed with freshly washed and ironed bedding. Bliss :joy:


I share your sentiments. All sheets, duvet covers etc ironed; even our own! I have OCD about wrinkled bottom sheets in particular and think I would be out the door if they were not ironed. I suspect it’s a Brit thing, although I do remember my (to be) Mother-in-Law calling one evening, asking what I was doing, and sneering a why, when I said I was ironing the sheets.

Perhaps it’s the old fashioned nurse in me, comfort wise.


I firmly believe in the mantra of “your place, your rules” so do as you wish but I have to ask: who would notice if the fitted sheet is ironed or not? Especially if, as it is fitted, it will tend to stretch a anyway, and then has a heavy duvet on top to naturally “iron out” any remaining wrinkles. Do you have a hotel inspector (one of my favourite tv programs by the way) who checks these things?


I rarely iron anything. No sheets ironed here.


@K9KarmaCasa, what hosts on airbnb have is a guest star rating and my comment was concerning official star ratings. I should have posted more clearly.
In the UK, until a few years ago B&Bs were inspected by the tourist authority and awarded a star rating that had nothing to do with guests. The inspectors stayed overnight and put you through hell after breakfast, ironed bedding would be a basic requirement.


And as I posted above, if I were getting 100s of dollars per booking I’d be ironing my $200 sheet sets. LOL.


We pay to get our linens washed. We don’t pay to get them ironed, although they always look quite good. I don’t know what the lady does to achieve this: I guess fold them in the right moment.


Thank you all for your replies. From now on I’ll just iron the trim on the top sheet! :blush:


Absolutely. It’s a complete waste of time. The fitted sheet soon de-crinkles (if that’s a word) when it’s in situ. Duvet covers are crinkled as soon as anyone uses it. Pillowcases are ironed to make the bed look good. That’s all.


Similar to janeandcharley : in Australia, we dry all our bed linen outside in the sunshine on the line.
We iron all the pillowcases, and fold the bed sheets so they iron themselves in the linen press (that’s an Irish cupboard)
We watched Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hotel Hell’ @ Keating Hotel, San Diego last night - he had an apoplectic fit over his un-ironed sheets.
At $385 a night, this seemed reasonable.
If Gordon makes a booking request to stay with us firstly I would click the “F off, you’re kidding!” button &
and after this we are on the same page, and I may well consider ironing the sheets, and offering room service.
I’m sure there will be a youtube instructional video or two to help me.
I can distract him from the sheets with my vintage recipe book collection, including his own biographies.
Life’s too short, and I’ve never had a guest complain yet about the sheets for their $55 a night cloud-beds.
Plenty of more interesting stuff to complain about in our old house .


When one of my grown daughters was in elementary school, I opened the laundry room closet door and the ironing board fell right out on the floor. “Mommy, what’s that?” she asked. Nothing’s changed since! King-size quilts on a queen-size bed cover a multitude of sins.


I used to iron our sheets but found a company that wash and press them for an exceptionally reasonable price. I grew up with ironed sheets and just love the feeling or crispness and softness at the same time. Life became a little bit more wonderful when I found the laundry service, as ironing king size sheets is not as zen as ironing tea towels and napkins.


Wow, I’ve ironed sheets maybe once or twice when the dryer got them all wrinkly…but I had no idea so many people did! Mostly I don’t and my mom never did so I just didn’t come with that built in. I’m going to give the sheets a close eye and think of y’all next time I put them on…I still may not iron them though. :grin:


We iron pillowcases and trim. I find pillowcase ironing very therapeutic. Sometimes I’ll notice a little spot or speck and it gives me a chance to get it out.


I wouldn’t expect ironed sheets in low to medium priced Airbnb homes. Though, I do expect ironed sheets if I paid top dollars for a luxurious place.

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