Do I mention that there is no TV in the summary?

Have Mentioned there is no tv in the description and things to note section of the listing. Guest number 5 has just sent a message asking if there is a TV. Do you think I need to be more abvious about this and add it to the summary?
I started trying to think of a way to word it, but not sure how to say ‘there is no TV’ in an appealing way.

You could mention it in the short description at the top of the listing, unless you have it there already…

There’s also the “you must also acknowledge” section, where you can list things that might be considered limitations or deficiencies. This appears at the bottom of the House Rules. Here is what mine looks like:

You must also acknowledge
Amenity limitations - Bathroom is private but is not connected to the room, as mentioned in the listing. You also need to cross an open space to reach the bathroom.
No parking on property - Street parking only.
Potential for noise - We’re located on a very busy main road, and directly opposite railway tracks. The room itself is somewhat soundproofed, however.
Must climb stairs - We are on the second floor of a two storey building. There is no lift/elevator in our building. There are 4 wide and well lit flights of stairs.
Security Deposit - if you damage the home, you may be charged up to ₹10000

You could put the TV thing under “Amenity limitations”.


also if you havea photo of the lounge add text over the photo saying there is no TV

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Just updated with the tv message in the limitations and photo. It’s not sounding good in the summary though.

How often will this happen? Don’t most people watch online now anyway?

I guess if they bring an iPad or lap top they can watch online. There is unlimited data available. But maybe most people expect a TV


Some people expect a TV. Not everyone does, though.

I have written something like this in the description: 'We have chosen not to have a TV, however, there is a little library, instruments and board games."


I purposely didn’t add a TV to my listing and a couple people felt the lack of it. I added a small section to my house rules that covers the major detractors of my listing (below). A lot of people still don’t read, but it helps.

BEFORE BOOKING: Know that Nested is the second story of a two story house. It is small (~440sf/40sm), self-sufficient and private, but only set up for beverage and light snack prep (Has fridge & microwave, but no range or kitchen sink). There’s Wi-Fi, but no TV and shower but no tub. I live downstairs with Izzy the cat.

Great name! Post a photo.

Me thinks this sentence can be improved.


This is her best glamour shot. It was taken on a cold winter morning when she found the warm dryer.


It does sound a little awkward! I’m open to suggestions.

Put a semi colon after TV.


There’s no TV in our guest bedroom and this is clear from the many photo’s of the room. However we were 4*ed by one guest who was “disappointed that there was no TV in the room”. We now state this very clearly in the room description.

We had a thread once about liking to watch the washing machine, particularly when on a colour cycle. No licence or subscription required!


She’s a looker! So beautiful. We have a Rizzo! She’s my user photo.

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The break goes between TV and shower: “There’s Wi-Fi but no TV; also we have a shower but no tub.”

Ya know, we’ve never had a guest complain about a lack of a tub.

Is there no reasonable place to have a TV? You can just have one with broadcast channels. Will cost you nothing after the initial purchase of the TV. Which are inexpensive these days. I would add one if possible.

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In 8 years of hosting no one has ever watched TV. They all do ask for the WiFi upon arrival.